Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today 25/6/2009

Feel so stress, Miss Thaera has not replied me about my Review. I feel like handing in today.

By the way, I was late for Social Psychology class this morning because the train was giving problems. The whole thing started when I reached the station and found out that 6.45am train was canceled but it didn't affect me because I was only suppose to catch the 7.03am train. Usually, Michelle and Christine will be there waiting for me but to my surprise they took the train that was in the opposite direction to avoid crowding later. I took the 7.03am train and I was there sms-ing them and laughing at them, saying that they are stupid and all. Hahaha. But Karma happened to me because my train suddenly stopped between two stations. The current was out and I was stucked in the train. After a while getting stuck, all the passengers decided to walk to the nearest station and waited for the next train that will be of course, extremely pack with people. I wanted to take train back to where I came from and with Michelle and Christine drive to college. Ended up, Mich got a friend to send them back to the original station because they too were stuck at one station due to my train. Then, they picked me up and speed to college. Thanks to Mich friend that drove, we reached class at 8.30am. Missed half of the class. Man, I am definitely going to have a hard time understanding the topic.

Exam is like in two weeks time and I haven't even printed out all the notes. I am constantly sleepy these days, even when I have enough sleep the night before.

I am having a hard time learning how to use MAC Computers but I love it. So big and cool. Next time must have a home computer like this with a webcam. Look so.... High class.

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