Saturday, June 20, 2009


Being my father is not as easy as it sounds because I am as stubborn as he is. It is not a good to to have 2 stubborn people in one house. He has his ego and I have mine but sometimes conversation do settle peacefully.

My father is a very knowledgeable man, he knows many things. I have learned so much from him. He is very good in writing formal letters and a very confident presenter. A man with Navy background that trains him to be always on time. That is something that I have yet to learn. He doesn't use snooze, he always wakes up upon the first ring itself. I can never do that unless I am really excited about the activity that I will be doing.

I respect him for being a caring and protective father even though sometimes I find it very annoying. I respect him for being a family man. I respect him for being loyal to my mom and being loyal to this family. I thank God that I do not come from a broken family.

There are more to say about my dad actually but I'm just really tired right now. Having a movie review and a Tv pilot review to do. Not now, am Lazy.

Neway, Happy Father's Day my daddy. I know you are cool to a certain extent.

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