Thursday, June 25, 2009

continue of today 25/6/2009

Just the day when everything seem wrong to you.

After last class, Mich and Chris went back first while I got to go the library to do somethings. Around 3.30pm, I took the train back. Once reach, I walked to my car. Believe it or not, my car can't start. Why? The super smart me forgot to turn the lights off and the battery died. I called my dad, then called Mich to fetch me. Thank God for Mich or else I'll be stranded there like a chicken in an oven. As usual, the day was freaking hot. Wait, the drama didn't end here. Before Mich fetch me, I knew that I had to take my house keys and I was holding it but after getting a honk by Mich, I guess I sort of let go of the keys to carry my big pile of books. Thus, leaving the keys at the seat. I only realized it after upon reaching my house. Pity Mich got to turn back again just for me.

I was really surprised with myself, even though with all these happenings in a day, I was calm and I didn't freak out or over reacted like how I thought I would be. When the train was stuck, I was like 'oh, the train stopped, looks like will be late for class d' in a tone where is like no big deal. Just kind of follow with the flow, I was happily taking video and pictures, pretending like I was a news crew or something. So fun but it is only fun once la. Then comes to the car, I didn't like 'Sh*t x3, what is happening to my car' kind of reaction. I was calm and ry to check where the problem comes from. Is like I knew what to do next. I didn't go all Ku ku and getting angry and scolding here and there. Hmm.. is it because I wast tired? Not sure but I know that I am just lazy.

Sometimes you just got to stay calm and be collected. No point over reacting. Something that I have learnt from Kaven.

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