Saturday, June 13, 2009


Being a bi*ch is really not that bad, people are scared of you, people worship you, people listen to you, being a queen bee, you get sidekicks, you get slaves, you get geeks all over you and etc. See how much benefits you get out of being a Bi*ch and the list doesn't stop there, it will keep on going. The media has portrayed to you all kinds of B in all sorts of movies example: Mean girls, Cliques, Gossip Girls, Betty and many more (you name it). Of course, many of them in the movie/shows turn to the goody side or somehow show that they have their good side too but you know, don't trust the media.

Just to bring to you the bad news, Bi*chs don't succeed in Asian countries. Seriously, it doesn't work this way in Asia. This doesn't mean that Asians are friendly, westerners are more friendly. Why? because Asians like to keep things to themselves, we mind our own business. Well, most of us do. Unless you are kepo-chi like me, yup, we 'jaga tepi kain orang lain' (take care side cloth other people) direct translation so doesn't make sense. Basically it means busy body.

Honestly, good girls in movies don't catch my attention. I usually pay more attention to the bad-ass girls. Usually, they are hotter and richer. Hahaha, though, my main purpose to watch them because their styles make me love them more. Plus their attitudes make me even more confident and that I could try to be like them. Not being a Bi*ch myself but to be as confident when I am presenting myself. This is to give me the push to do things out of my ability, those are my incentives.

I love getting to know new people even though I know that I have a huge problem with remembering names and faces and people but I like to socialize. That is what I like to do other than just being a cosmetic junkie!

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