Friday, June 5, 2009

Am So Materialistic!

Yes.... I am very materialistic!

Money can't buy love but money can buy me material things. I guess that I am the kind of person that need to have cash to feel secure and those cash must be from my earnings then only I'm happy. So stupid right me, why don't just go find a rich man and get married? Hahahaahaha, then I'll be happy forever! DREAM ON JQ! I don't want to be dependent on my husband, that is olso if I would ever get married in the future. Honestly, I have thought of staying single my whole life if I don't meet the right one to marry. That is the result of being too independent but I very dependent to my parents, still their little baby girl! I feel like I will never grow up when I'm with them. Home is somewhere I belong.

Need more cash, so I am working right now to get away from assignments. Even if i stayed home, I'll watch Youtube.


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