Monday, June 29, 2009

Beau Bristow in Inti College

Seriously, I have no idea why am I helping my friend to promote this event. It seem that Baeu is a really good guitarist, plus he can sing! How often do you get a cute white guy to come to Malaysia to play guitar and sing? Hmmm, yes maybe like always but it is not him right? Honestly, I have never in my entire life heard of him but I am going to Inti just to support my friend. Heard that there will be press, media and all, must be something big... Why not join me there and check it out? It is free admission anyway. Don't forget to say hi to me if you see me there!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some Pin up girl plus Rock Chic Look.


Pin up Girl....
I was just playing around and I did This!!!!
It is super simple! Get 2 looks at once, just let your hair down.
What do you all think??
Comment Please.....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Birthday gift

So Sorry for those who bought me the beautilicious cosmetic set cause I thought it was the prize that Mich won the other day. I didn't know until serene told me and I saw the gift set today at Aeon. Thanks you guys!!

KTM Stuck

If you had followed me on twitter.... Yeah MAC.

Syazwan stick something on Aaron's back. I think it was written 'kick me'.

History made, the most popular PUBLIC TRANSPORT OF THE YEAR. KTM.... and this is only klang station.

Tadaaaa, a very good morning. All of us had exercise.... KTM was stuck there.
There will be a video coming up soon on my youtube about this funny incident. Stay tune...

Friday, June 26, 2009

MJ Passed away

Twittered by Ruth ' the legendary MJ is dead?'
I keep wondering 'who is MJ?'

Today at Aeon, someone said 'Micheal Jackson is dead'. My eyes widen..... Big shock and a flash back of the sentence twittered by Ruth last night.

Then, slowly, a slide show of pictures on the journey of MJ. From Thriller in the movie 13 going on 30, Beat it played during CLIOD when on of the significant group did a music video, We are the World sang in Choir and etc.

Still in denial for a moment sitting there frozen like a rock. A question was asked again to get conformity. After finally being able to accept the fact, my life moves on with my activity.

It was out of the sudden, no warning and no signs. 1958-2009 he lived for half a decade. Got more information from Msn's today page and was cracking my brain on the meaning of Cardiac Arrest. Finally went google about it and learned about the disease.

Only cared because heard of him all my life. The guy who got bleach had been taken away by the RIP.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

continue of today 25/6/2009

Just the day when everything seem wrong to you.

After last class, Mich and Chris went back first while I got to go the library to do somethings. Around 3.30pm, I took the train back. Once reach, I walked to my car. Believe it or not, my car can't start. Why? The super smart me forgot to turn the lights off and the battery died. I called my dad, then called Mich to fetch me. Thank God for Mich or else I'll be stranded there like a chicken in an oven. As usual, the day was freaking hot. Wait, the drama didn't end here. Before Mich fetch me, I knew that I had to take my house keys and I was holding it but after getting a honk by Mich, I guess I sort of let go of the keys to carry my big pile of books. Thus, leaving the keys at the seat. I only realized it after upon reaching my house. Pity Mich got to turn back again just for me.

I was really surprised with myself, even though with all these happenings in a day, I was calm and I didn't freak out or over reacted like how I thought I would be. When the train was stuck, I was like 'oh, the train stopped, looks like will be late for class d' in a tone where is like no big deal. Just kind of follow with the flow, I was happily taking video and pictures, pretending like I was a news crew or something. So fun but it is only fun once la. Then comes to the car, I didn't like 'Sh*t x3, what is happening to my car' kind of reaction. I was calm and ry to check where the problem comes from. Is like I knew what to do next. I didn't go all Ku ku and getting angry and scolding here and there. Hmm.. is it because I wast tired? Not sure but I know that I am just lazy.

Sometimes you just got to stay calm and be collected. No point over reacting. Something that I have learnt from Kaven.


Today 25/6/2009

Feel so stress, Miss Thaera has not replied me about my Review. I feel like handing in today.

By the way, I was late for Social Psychology class this morning because the train was giving problems. The whole thing started when I reached the station and found out that 6.45am train was canceled but it didn't affect me because I was only suppose to catch the 7.03am train. Usually, Michelle and Christine will be there waiting for me but to my surprise they took the train that was in the opposite direction to avoid crowding later. I took the 7.03am train and I was there sms-ing them and laughing at them, saying that they are stupid and all. Hahaha. But Karma happened to me because my train suddenly stopped between two stations. The current was out and I was stucked in the train. After a while getting stuck, all the passengers decided to walk to the nearest station and waited for the next train that will be of course, extremely pack with people. I wanted to take train back to where I came from and with Michelle and Christine drive to college. Ended up, Mich got a friend to send them back to the original station because they too were stuck at one station due to my train. Then, they picked me up and speed to college. Thanks to Mich friend that drove, we reached class at 8.30am. Missed half of the class. Man, I am definitely going to have a hard time understanding the topic.

Exam is like in two weeks time and I haven't even printed out all the notes. I am constantly sleepy these days, even when I have enough sleep the night before.

I am having a hard time learning how to use MAC Computers but I love it. So big and cool. Next time must have a home computer like this with a webcam. Look so.... High class.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mirul BD part 2- the speech giving

Mirul, This is for you since you are paying for my karaoke! hahaha, someone rich already.

Loreal Warehouse sale today was nice. I like it better than the Nose Warehouse sale, obviously, cosmetics appeals more to me than shoes. I like shoes but I like cosmetics more. Got a mascara, hairspray for styling, loose powder and 2 lip glosses. I limit myself to only Rm50 so that I will not overspent. Trust me, I will just grab if I do not limit myself. Though, I must say that it was not really a super price cut kind of sale. Yes, all things are cheaper but the price drop was not that severe, it was just maybe a 50% max discount kind of thing. It is still fun, I love it.

After that, Christine and I went makan. Stop by a row of stalls but we were like 'er.....' even more chapalang than our college mamak. We went for Bah Kut Teh instead. Yumm...

Got meeting at 1pm and class at 2pm.... hmmmm.... then WAREHOUSE SALE!! I hope that there would be things that i can actually buy, not like the last time NOSE Shoe warehouse sale. I didn't really enjoy it cause there was nothing much left for me to choose from. Love cosmetics, will do a tutorial today if i feel like it. Maybe... maybe not....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Omg!! I am using MAC Computer to post this!! I want to start learning how to use MAC BOOK!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Amirul BD Part 1

I know is like super late to post this up but I still want too. haha. Just play it. Videos are slightly easier to post after having studio 14. I wanted to do a cover of thinking of you, katy pery song. I heard myself again, found out that i sound horrible.

Appreciate unpredictable production's work

They recently just added me in youtube and I do love their work ever since the beginning. They are just some awesome group of young people producing some really good production. When will only I be at their standard. Hmmmm...
Click on the pictures to check out they Videos. Something worth watching...

Loreal warehouse sale anybody??

If you can see, it's small but I am going to destination A. Google map is so easy now.

Despite trying to save money, I am still going for the Loreal Warehouse sale.

A 3 day event, 24-26 June 2009 from 11am-7pm.

I'm going on the 24th after class.
I need to clear my vanity, re-organize my cosmetics. It's a mess.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Being my father is not as easy as it sounds because I am as stubborn as he is. It is not a good to to have 2 stubborn people in one house. He has his ego and I have mine but sometimes conversation do settle peacefully.

My father is a very knowledgeable man, he knows many things. I have learned so much from him. He is very good in writing formal letters and a very confident presenter. A man with Navy background that trains him to be always on time. That is something that I have yet to learn. He doesn't use snooze, he always wakes up upon the first ring itself. I can never do that unless I am really excited about the activity that I will be doing.

I respect him for being a caring and protective father even though sometimes I find it very annoying. I respect him for being a family man. I respect him for being loyal to my mom and being loyal to this family. I thank God that I do not come from a broken family.

There are more to say about my dad actually but I'm just really tired right now. Having a movie review and a Tv pilot review to do. Not now, am Lazy.

Neway, Happy Father's Day my daddy. I know you are cool to a certain extent.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Check it out.
Sorry that I can't show the whole video during my presentation due to time constraint.
It is just scenes of movie or shows.
Thanks for wanting to watch the video.
Just click on the picture.
C you soon!
For the FICM-ers, good luck in doing your TV Pilot review and Movie review.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I did 2 presentations in one day. I thought econ's presentation is tomorrow, so I let myself loose a little. Crap am so wrong, both my 19th person to present is today. Thank God for my friends to remind me on Monday. Glad it is over. Hope I did well for both of my presentations. I really need to improve on my presentation skills, feel so crap, I have problem pronouncing words. My mouth tends to entangle and stuck causing my words to sound less accurate. Hmm, maybe I should do pronunciation practices like 'Red letter Yellow letter' and 'Seashell Seashell thing'.

STOP eating kuaci JQ, face is popping up with pimples. You are getting fatter everywhere, you don't realize because you only focus on your stomach!

Happy BD Izz and Aaron!

Aaron and Izz
Delicious Michelle and Christine homemade cheese cake. Seriously, I used to don't enjoy cheese cake and this is the first cheese cake that I have ever eaten and like it. When talk about cake, I want Michelle's cheese cake! Oh man, I will miss it when she leaves Malaysia.

This is my BD, Super not small cake.

Feel so old, I'm 19.
Tomorrow we'll go to chillis and celebrate! All three Izz, Aaron and my Birthday!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I was in the train the other day on my way to college when i overheard 2 people, a guy and a girl talking. I know I am not suppose to but I can't help it, they were sitting just right in front of me and they were talking quite loudly. I am not going to enclose their race.

They were speaking in a language that I do not understand (here is one hint already). But in the sentence there were communication, accountant and promising future. As a COMM student myself, after observing their conversation using social psychology and human communication, i have decoded their message that they were saying ' communication r... is not very risky, unstable. Is not like accountant you know.' Then the guy say 'no promising future la'.

I was like ass... they are talking about comm student when there was a comm student standing behind them.

You must think of it in this angle. We all picked comm is because of interest, not for no reason. If all of us were to take up accountancy, not only in the future will there be too many accountants that cause undergraduate accountants to have a hard time looking for jobs but we will all work for the sake of earning wages. It will never be a career for us anymore, we will do it out of force and the outcome will be less satisfying to the economy because we don't have the heart to produce the best out of us. Besides that, it will be boring for us because it is not an interesting job anyway.

Do you think everyone can just go up to a person and start a conversation? Do you think everyone doesn't have stage fright? Do you think everyone can just stand in front of a crowd and speak? Do you think everyone can act? Do you think everyone has the patience to deal with customers and services? There are actually more to offer for us, is just your stereotype that blocks the view of a beautiful promising future for comm students.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

OkCupid Say I am 20!

What kind of database of me did they get it from? Another thing, how do they know if I am desperate in looking for one or not? Hahaha, I feel like replying ' sorry, I'm not interested. Don't try to match make me. TQ'. So what, even if I am 20 years old means must have BF la?

hehe.. count...

1. Joshua Teh
2. Amirul
3. Teoh
4. Izz
5. Mom and dad with singing...
6. Serene(diploma) all the way from india.
7. Younger brother
8. Sypher
10. Joanne sui zar bo
11. Shane
12.Elder brother & elder sis
13. Christine
14. Serene
15. nicole yeoh
16.michelle lau
17. Alvan
18. Heidy
19. Aisha
20. Cornelius
21. All the youth and Pastors and elders in church! All the Huh and hah! Almost 40 of them there...
22. Joyce
23. Suling
24. Yen ling
25. Ruth Ming Chuo
26. Shannon
28. Brian chow
29.Kai chin
30. Isabelle and syaz
31. Samantha chow
32. Alex Low.
33. Yenwoon

1st time:
Ate BBQ plaza!
Starbucks Frap Espresso
The whole youth do like a camporama thing. I dunno how to explain but it was awesome! Thanks you all!
Someone from overseas wished me! Thanks serene...
So many sms come in the whole day. touched..
original latest hillsong CD by college cell as gift.
go see alvan cooking teppanyaki at sakae. He look so cute in his chef uniform.

Honestly, I miss hanging out with sarah, alvan and shannon. But we are all now busy with our own things. Shan got boyfriend, sarah in segi doing nursing, alvan working, and I'm in taylor's. We are all so separated. Going to church just don't seem to be the same without them.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Being a bi*ch is really not that bad, people are scared of you, people worship you, people listen to you, being a queen bee, you get sidekicks, you get slaves, you get geeks all over you and etc. See how much benefits you get out of being a Bi*ch and the list doesn't stop there, it will keep on going. The media has portrayed to you all kinds of B in all sorts of movies example: Mean girls, Cliques, Gossip Girls, Betty and many more (you name it). Of course, many of them in the movie/shows turn to the goody side or somehow show that they have their good side too but you know, don't trust the media.

Just to bring to you the bad news, Bi*chs don't succeed in Asian countries. Seriously, it doesn't work this way in Asia. This doesn't mean that Asians are friendly, westerners are more friendly. Why? because Asians like to keep things to themselves, we mind our own business. Well, most of us do. Unless you are kepo-chi like me, yup, we 'jaga tepi kain orang lain' (take care side cloth other people) direct translation so doesn't make sense. Basically it means busy body.

Honestly, good girls in movies don't catch my attention. I usually pay more attention to the bad-ass girls. Usually, they are hotter and richer. Hahaha, though, my main purpose to watch them because their styles make me love them more. Plus their attitudes make me even more confident and that I could try to be like them. Not being a Bi*ch myself but to be as confident when I am presenting myself. This is to give me the push to do things out of my ability, those are my incentives.

I love getting to know new people even though I know that I have a huge problem with remembering names and faces and people but I like to socialize. That is what I like to do other than just being a cosmetic junkie!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dear all,

Finally, I manage to upload the video to somewhere. It's a bit dark but just bear with it, it is funny if you know us.
Subscribe me for more funny actions!

Ang mo

Guess what... This ang mo guy speaks SINGLISH! Seriously, it's crapping funny when he spoke his first word. He is so cute. It's so funny but it's pretty attractive in a way. Though, he doesn't speak it all the way, it is just like an accent to him. oh, he speaks Chinese, hokkien and I think cantonese. His name is Tyler Dreasman. Just too bad that he is 16. haihz..

Check it out by clicking on the picture.

Camwhore with webcam.

Monster coming to attack the city!

Kaven!! she is just Awesome!
Now my short hair don't look like how it is in the picture already cause after washing and I did not blow my hair so it's like Bree's hair in desperate housewives. hahahaha. Like different hairstyle all together.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dell Studio 14

Yesh! It's finally here! Thanks to dad bought a new laptop for me to use. Will update about other things later. I just want to sleep now. Nights. I need the money to go Redang trip, so please do not invite me to any outing that requires me to pay. hahaha, unless u want to belanja me. If it's a big event then yes, I want to join. Ok, tomorrow need to do telemarketing again. Call for campus day. Keep on repeating the same lines over and over again. Good la, makes me say 'have a nice day' more often. Train my politeness.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hair Attack

My hair got ATTACKed@! No.... the picture above is my shoe. That is the effect of buying cheap ugly shoes. By the way, this pair of shoes is from Opera ok! Never mind, i finally can throw them away! It is also already so dirty, might as well just throw.
No pictures, hahaha, lazy want to upload cause busy with assignments. I didn't take any pictures of myself yet so far. I haven't started economics yet when is due tomorrow or the day after. Not done with research paper and got movie review up next.
I am tired as always. Went Tony Roma's with my mom today for lunch. Curry for dinner at home, grandma's recipe, she is awesome! I'm eating like nobody's business, I just eat and eat and eat. It's the eating season for me.
Crap, almost forgot that I'm leading this sunday in worship. I'll just do accoustic la. SOC carnival asked me to join committee. Meeting tomorrow. Love youtube totally! I love Allthatglitters21, she is pretty...
Ass broke, saving money for redang! If i can make it la.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Standout Event

One Invite and the only person that I have to bring is my Brother. I know, that is soooo sad.
The Party was awesome! There were 1000 bottles of new designed tiger beers for 300 guests to drink. People were just literally kept taking one bottle after another. What the hack! It's free after all! Of course, not surprising, people like me is just a waste going to this event cause beer is not my cup of tea. Haha.

Oh, also, my parents have to sent me there.... Laugh all you want, they are super duper protective.

We push off at 6pm, thinking that we would get lost and all but turns out that we reach there at 6.30pm! I'm extremely early, I'm the 1st on the early bird wall of fame.

Look at him! So cute! Seriously, when it's a costume party, they really go all out!

Met Michelle, Brenden and Hui lin. Also, met Samantha Chow there.
Totally took this from Samantha's Blog.

See how awkward it is to bring my brother along to this event. Take picture also like so weird. hahaha.

Brenden, Me, Michelle and Hui lin.

Surprise to meet so many Taylorians there! My brother, Me, Michelle,Brenden, Hui lin, Candice, & Sam.

The doctor's name is Joyce.

Doctor and me brother.

People that I don't know.....

Awww... Free Hugs.....

Yeah man, this is awesome.

Jojo & Liang emcee.

The scissor hand guy won the most standout in the party, he won a XBOX!!

Susan Boyle is Kenny sia!

Another famous blogger that I don't know.... I feel so crap, call myself a blogger but I don't know any of them!

Yeah! I manage to take a Picture with Jojo! I should go for this kind of party more often.

Nuffnang dolar. Can't even buy anything cause everytime want to put a price, others already exceeded our limit. hahaha. Feel so stupid.

It just so fun. My first time to these kind of events. Hahaha. Of course, if you don't put an effort to join in the fun or to be a part to the event, then of course you will feel left out. So, it's up to you whether you want to enjoy the party or not.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Layout + random-ness

Now that it's different, I feel that it's just so weird... cause I'm always very used to my post on the left side while the side bar is on the right side but it is all the other way round now. Now is like everything is bigger, reminds me when I 1st started blogging, my font size was all extremely big and everything was huge. I had a Giant Crisis Period I guess. Haha. Hopefully, this won't strain you eyes and brain. I'm trying so hard to upload the video, if it is upload, it might be below a few post. I don't know why but It just is, I'll put the link so that you all can enjoy the entertainment. Haha.

By the way, I lost one of my 1GB pendrive, I'm not sure when but I realized only a week ago if I'm not mistaken. So, somehow, Kaven (my awesome boss) got lotz of pendrive with her, so she asked me to choose! So yeah! I got 'new' Pendrive! Thank God & Kaven.

And be surprise, I drove my brother's car today! I never dared to drive any of my family member's car cause they where the new and 'cannot get scratches car'. Except for my dad's car, I don't drive his car cause it's super heavy and manual. Manual is fun but if there's no power steering, I can die driving! All the car behind me will Honk at me all the time. This time was because my car was out of petrol and I don't want to fill in myself as I've already did once (RM10) hahaha, I didn't want to spend anymore, so I pull myself together and press that peddle. It was so fun because his car was like super easy to drive and it's petrol save. I am definitely going to drive it more often now. Hahahaha. I thank God that it was all the way safe journey, I was so cautious while driving his car. It was good overall.

Going to bed now...

It's alright,It's ok

It's alright, It's ok
I'm so much better without you
I won't be sorry
It's alright, it's ok
so don't you bother what I do
no matter what you say
I wont return
our brigde has burn down
I'm stronger now
It's alright, it's ok
I'm so much better without you
I won't be sorry.

Ashley Tisdale latest hits!

Am So Materialistic!

Yes.... I am very materialistic!

Money can't buy love but money can buy me material things. I guess that I am the kind of person that need to have cash to feel secure and those cash must be from my earnings then only I'm happy. So stupid right me, why don't just go find a rich man and get married? Hahahaahaha, then I'll be happy forever! DREAM ON JQ! I don't want to be dependent on my husband, that is olso if I would ever get married in the future. Honestly, I have thought of staying single my whole life if I don't meet the right one to marry. That is the result of being too independent but I very dependent to my parents, still their little baby girl! I feel like I will never grow up when I'm with them. Home is somewhere I belong.

Need more cash, so I am working right now to get away from assignments. Even if i stayed home, I'll watch Youtube.


can't upload a video

I left my computer on the whole night just to upload a video. But it says fail! Wanted to show you all the up town girl video FICM style.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prince Court Hotel??

Nope, it is Prince Court Medical Center! Go google up, looks just like a hotel more than a hospital to me. Went there to visit a friend who was hospitalized for some particular reasons. The best part is that they have hand sanitizers all over the building. It's so fun and cool!

Want a new laptop with built in web cam. Stoked finally found a new female presenter! Don't worry, is not me, hahaha, is one of my friend.

Stand out.. please pick me to win that Laptop... I really want it. Then my mom can have a second hand laptop as well cause hers is like crap. What to do, hers is from school. Its extreamely lousy! Slow poke like mad, online pun susah, see her so pity.

Cliod, College life in one day event for communication is tomorrow. So sad, going to skip econs class. I want to skip Media Appreciation class! Not econs!

My nails are horrible now cause i picked on them! The stars on my nails are giving me sharp edges.

Go sleep now...... Tired....

We miss Izzuddin so much!! Izzat is so cute. hahahahaha. Just an honest opinion...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Unexpected shopping day

Damn, was suppose to go pyramid for certain reasons only but the smart 3 charlies angel ended go round shopping for all sorts of things. We spent the whole afternoon there!

I bought myself a pair of new shoe, some nail polishes, road tax stikers, hair extension, and sticker for Touch and GO card! When you see me, pls ask me to fling my touch and go card out, I show you the design that I picked. You'll be surprise!

Also, very important, Clarin's customer service is bad! As in really bad, the girl expression like wasn't really want to treat me like a customer just because I was wearing and carrying my bags and files like a student. Whatever! It is the pyramid branch, if can please avoid going there.

Coffee Bean newly opened in Pyramid was nice. Tried Mocha, a bit bitter at the beginning but after a while, once the ice started to melt, it taste not bad.

Izzuddin is in some high class hospital in KL. Hope he'll be alright.

Sleepy and planning to go to sleep now, screw research paper. Econs also just don't care at all. Leave it for tomorrow....

Newz of the day:
  • Shopping!!
  • Ass Broke!!
  • No petrol!!
  • I need cash!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Late update on Izrein' Wedding

Izrein's wedding was just spectacular. Theme colour is white and red, if I'm not mistaken. She's really extremely pretty on that day.

When I first know that was going to get married, I was like ' OMgosh, I'm only 19 and I've already have a friend that is my age that is married.' I really look up to her in the sense that she already knew what she wanted. Also that I'm just so happy for her because she already found her soul mate at this age where most of my friends are just starting to court somebody.

And also, my sister bought my birthday gift already! My favourite perfume DKNY Delicious Night! Love Them!