Saturday, May 9, 2009

Youth Sports Day

Yesh, 2nd!

Adrian be my driver to go shooping for telematches stuff for the sports day since all others are busy.
A reminder: We can never go shopping together EVER AGAIN. We'll argue on the simplest things like which ball to take la, what chocolate to use la, the amount of things we need la, i 50 cent oso wan take back la, this wan no need la, that wan need la,..... blah blah blah. Just total opposite!

Diapers PLUS

Chocolate Plus
Banana = Unwanted stuffsss!

Koh Poh Leong

Yeah, 1st for Football!
The ones in red!

PL & Me

Aisha & Me

Us again


Aisha:Why la, we like to take pictures oso cannot?
Me: I dun CARE!!!

There you go, Su mei is here, finally.



Sherrene & PL

O.o Larry behind the big Camera!

see Esther.

See Vivien

See Su ling.

Errrrr.........They are???
Sorryy, dunno your name!



Dex & Me


Tug of War!





Quick!!! Pulllllll.....
The day was the a Great Big Fun! It wasn't really a Hot Burning sunny day like any other days, it didn't really rain as well. It was really windy and the weather was just nice. God did really answer our past few months prayers. Though, i still got sunburn! Most of us do...
It's been such a long time we didn't have this kind of event. Its more fun this way!
Newz of the day:
  • My leg cramped after tug of war.
  • Saw an old classmate of mine!
  • Red always conquer. ahahaha

Up Next!: Mother's day poem! Specially to my mom!

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