Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thanks for the support!



Thank you so much for helping me up.
They have just been some really good friends helping me to bomb some weird girl suddenly appear in my c box, saying that I'm arrogant and some other bitchy stuff about me. The worst thing is that she involve my family & friends. I don't care about my family & friends is just crap, it's greatly not true.
I don't understand why she wants to only comment about me in my Cbox but not coming up face-to-face to me. Even if I am really arrogant, why does she have to care? Just stop reading my blog la. Is it that hard to not click on my blog's URL? There's no reason why for her to be here anyway, she definately doesnt belong here. As i've said, I know so many people, I honestly can't keep track of everybody.
You know, she should really just get a life and find a new hobby.

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