Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Surreal Gourmet vs Glutton for Punishment

Style for The Surreal Gourmet

Style for Glutton for Punishment

Just look at the difference! It's not that hard to not wear pyjamas and to do your hair for a cooking show. He had clean up pretty well! Though, I have to say that even with his funky hair style, I still love his old shows. It just gives him a unique way of presenting the food, making the audience feel that the food is all it matters. I remember someone said that he's like a mad scientist except that he's dealing with food instead of chemicals. He is pretty good looking if you were to watch his recents show, Glutton for Punishment.

Hopefully one day Taylor's College will get him to give a talk to the TCHT students. Then I can meet him!

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