Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hamster + Taiwanese Steamboat + Krispy Kreme + Car Breakdown

I sent my hamster to the Vet. He had a wet tail disease, you can piratically see his intestine falling out the butt. His intestine collapse, if really want too, have to go Serdang for operation. Besides that, it was costly as well and its not guaranteed survival.
I teared up when I know he's going to die soon. He's panting heavily right now, it's a torture.
My previous hamsters died, I didn't feel a thing. They all died without any warning. I guess it's harder to absorb the fact that you are waiting for death arrival.

This vet is so nice.
I went to 2 clinics before this vet's clinic. The 1st one nicely apologize to me that they don't treat hamsters but the 2nd one was horrible, no hospitality at all. LOUSY!
Is sad to learn that Malaysia's vets are not able to treat smaller animals. Name only 'Klinik Haiwan' but the only animals they are able to treat are dogs and cats.
Noisy dog. Wahahaha..

Look at my sick + dying hamster.


Serene, Zhao Wern & Joanne

Yumm yumm, so much food..

Donuts all the way from Time Square!
The 1st outlet in Malaysia.

Krispy kreme was fabulous! Thanks Michelle!
Though it wasn't donuts that just came out of the oven but it still taste fantastic.

Michelle & Serene

Aunty Christine, at the car workshop talking to the man about the awesome jungle-ish sound effect in the car.

Looking through a window.
We found Michelle and Imran on the other side.

Thank God Izzuddin was there to save the day!
While waiting for the car to be jumped up.

Jumping the car.
Christine's car was unable to start due to certain reasons that were unsure of.
The day was freaking hot. Burning!

Newz of the day:
  • Dying hamster
  • Jump start cars
  • Love Krispy kreme!
  • Lavender bubble tea taste like soap but Me likey! It is something different. Though, of course, Chocolate and champagne still the best.

Coming up... Check out the video about the car incident.

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