Monday, May 25, 2009

Finally, done with mid term!

I'm in college now just finish my mid term exams and my monday lunch. I'm worried about my result cause I know that I did last minute studying for all subjects this semester due to all the assignments and my busy-ness of life. I do prefer assignments then having exams, maybe I'm just not the person. Oh yeah, when I say last minute means totally the day before exam only study.

Youth Church also having more activities, my 2 secretarial helpers are not really committed. Can't blame them la, they have their own priorities as well. Oh, crap, I forgot to give send an email to Bro.philip about the late report that we will be handing in due to some reasons that I almost reacted in a horrible way. It is just that yesterday I was already having a pretty rough morning, I totally risen my voice to my Mom because I got quite irritated about something, so Sorry MOM! I get really defensive and often act irrationally in the morning. I was just really rushing and was really on stress mode, there's a lot going in my mind. After leaving the house on my way picking up the 2 kids from Sentosa, one of my helper sent me a message saying that the youth attendance book is with a girl in PJ. By accident, forgotten to collect back after going to the restroom last week. The best part is that the book holder was on her way up to Genting! So there is no way that we can do the report yesterday. Even Saturday itself already got problem with the report and all, Sunday just adds the pressure. Stress!

My audition today postponed to tomorrow, haha, I was actually really ready to attend the audition later but sms came when I was taking my moral exam. Really really hope that I will nail my audition tomorrow. I really want this. If any of you are wondering what in the world I'm talking about, I'll post about it another time.

Newz of the day:
  • Assignments make me go round and round...
  • Suling Birthday was yesterday! Happy Birthday! Your present awaits you next week...
  • Teoh's Birthday today! Happy Birthday! Sorry I didn't know about it until TODAY!

ps: I still am gonna do the avon's duo lipstick review.

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