Saturday, May 16, 2009

documentory in Cameron + Metamorphosis Seminar

Hey Peeps,
Just FYI, I wont be writing a lot footnotes for this post. I've already spent 2 days just to upload these pictures and I'm wiped out after having my Social Pyschology exams today. Ithink there's some problem with Blogger's uploading pictures services. Having class at 8am tomorrow again, so i will need to sleep earlier. I have so many more assignments due on the same freaking week which is like 2 weeks from now and I haven even started any of those. Crap me! This week is exam week, its horrible, i didn't study at all until the last minute. I feel so useless and stupid.

We played this game over and over again!
We win nothing, until the shop owner uncle laughed at us!

The best ice cream! Even better than McD.

Christine is great with reptiles and butterflies.

I thought it was fake.

Snake Lizard!

Orchid grasshopper.

Aaron looks prevert here!

Serene always looks sweet.


Monkey Christine!

see, he look so normal here.

Rose muzium. Haha, i don't really care. I just like to receive them.

Angkat berat.

The Temiar place.

Headman house.

Police, this is the funniest case.
We were stopped by the police on our way to the village, it's just a simple check on what we are doing going over kelantan border.
They check mainly the guys, and Aaron was like super scare, we say he scare till he want to pee. hahahahaha. Amirul was calm ni.
It was seriously crazy funny.
By the way, we played Tai Di everytime we had the time. Kept on playing and playing and playing.

Have you seen this anywhere not in Cameron?
For those who know me, you'll know that I have a thing for Ice Lemon Tea.
I was surprise to see this for the 1st time.
It taste better without ice. Just drink it from the can.
According to the waiter in that restaurant, they have 2 types, one is this and another is without honey.
Also, the shop that we went for dinner (aunty Rozie, near the sentosa and jasmine hotel @ Brinchang) make really good honey lemon. They really used real orginal honey. Yummm.

The day before, Metamorphosis seminar. Christine having her brows fixed fro Rm5.

At the beginning we thought that why are there so many guys when this seminar are more for girls??
If u see closer, they are holding books and studying. Waiting for exam!

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