Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cendol + Debate + Hyperness

Awesome body art by APT Salon.
Don't smile Christine! hahaha.

The loves the hampers for Youth sports Day!

Yummy, I like! But always no pulut wan. I very sad...

We love cendol Klang.
They went and Renew Passport, then take in lots of bah kut teh with Michelle, walk round aeon, and invited me for Cendol!
Also, We talked, laugh, scream in the car!

Debate day for MA (media appreciation)
Topic: Should there be freedom of press in Malaysia?
The Against and The For

Syazwan standing 2nd on 'For' team.

Amirul standing 1st for 'agaisnt' team.


Another Peace!!

Was suppose to take picture with Joanne only, Suddenly, all the xiao zarbo behind also join in.

Izzuddin starting the whole debate.

Miss Thaera.

The audience including me. All the "newspaper representatives" start taking pictures too. Hahahaha.

The 'For' on freedom of press.
They got ppl that can fight.

The 'Against' on freedom of press.
Sorry guys, you people really got beat down BAD!!
Still got Laura at the side, I forgot!
Michelle hyper gila.

Took this picture because that day haven't taken any picture yet.
Topic of the day:
  • Aaron cannot join debate! hahaha.
  • Sneaking up behind others who are taking pictures. Funny la they all!
  • Cendol Mau Pulut! I've missed 2 times.

Coming up: Youth Sports Day!I got red.... and it's really painful.

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