Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beautilicious + Boh Teh O Ais

Recently, Michelle won some prizes from MDG. She loves her Ming and was like floating through the air when Ming finally notice her existence! Anyway, she went and collect her prize last Tuesday and it was a load of beautilicious products. I think next week you will see her being all beautilicious!

She was extremely kind to share a little of her big achievement to a cosmetic junkie like me. She gave a me this Lip Paint as you can see some of the pictures down there. It claims that it's non sticky but really.... it's sticky! I love that the packaging was in pink, so pretty. The colour is something that I don't have because I don't usually pick this kind of colour, it's a brown with a red undertone colour. I could say that it is like a nude brown for me. The scent was pretty nice, it wasn't strong.

It wasn't as bad as the one that I bought from Avon, I bought a lip duo recently, I was really fascinated on how creative they had put the lipstick and the gloss together. I don't really know if you can find this kind of duo anywhere yet but it's definitely something new to me. I'll do a review about it soon, hopefully. Haha, cause i realized that sometimes I said that I'll do a review about something and I ended up to lazy to do it. So just forgive me even if you don't care. Haha.

Back to the Lip Paint, lets see what else it claimed that it will give to your lips....
  • 3D intense colour depth for a fuller and sexier pair of lips. (It's really true, it works like miracle)
  • non-sticky texture. (Totally not true! It's pretty sticky but tolerable)
  • skin caring ingredients like spherical powder and a blend of oils for your delicate lips. (Not really sure about this but it doesn't gives me a rash like some other lip products do.)
The colour name is Teak Rose.
I love using macro!

This is how the applicator looks like.
You see the so called 'sponge' applicator, it's already sticky even before you peel off the sticker on the holes for the paint to flow out.

Pink. I love the look of their product.

Overall, it's GOOD! Love this product. Thanks Again Michelle!
Also, remember this? On my previous post about Cameron highland with my friends, I had a picture of this new beverage Boh Teh O Ais and I like it a lot....
Guess What? I found them in my college MAMAK STALL! I was so surprise that I can actually find it around my area and it's closer than you think! I was just so excited about it and at first I bought one lemon flavour again, just like the one i bought at cameron. Then before I was about to head home, I went to check if other stalls in my college sells these? So far, that specific mamak stall is the only place that sell these.
I wanted to try the original one as well so I bought these two babies home. In Christine's car itself Michelle tried the lemon flavour. By the way, just FYI, I stepped on doo doo that day too. I thanked God that I had wore the pair of shoe that I almost wanted to throw away because it was already really horrible looking pair of shoe. At first I didn't even know why did I wanted to wear them, I almost wanted to wear my quite new sports shoe. I guess now I knew why! Haha, the best part is that after I found out about the crap, I totally threw one side of my shoe away, there and then! Yup, I went home with only one side of my shoe. I think it's still downstairs, I better go throw the other side later. My dad was like 'eh, where is the other side of the shoe?'. I told him the whole story and he was like 'haiyo, just throw this one also la then, why you bring back.' hahahaha....
Oh yeah, if you noticed, my lips look pretty nice on the pictures, that is because I was wearing the Lip Paint. As you can see, it does gives some 3D effect even from a distance away!
I like the lemon flavoured! The original flavour was horrible, it's really just the tea and honey. Not my cup of tea but if you like it that way then you'll love it.

In a nutshell, yeah, it does taste exactly like any other ice lemon tea for the lemon flavoured but it's a new product, so it's nice! Also, the name is SO MALAYSIAN!


kenwooi said...

haha cute post at the end.. lol
promoying boh tea o ais? =D

Nia Angel said...

haha, no la, just for fun since i like the drink.