Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Avon's lips Duo review + random

Finally I have the time to actually do this review. My point of view, this lip stuff is horrible! Join me for a journey to see how terrible is this product.

At first I was really excited to get this product because how often in Malaysia do you get a lip duo like this. Top is lipstick and bottom is lip gloss. So I decided to try it out.

It looks big here but it is actually very small. This colour is call Glam Berry, it's one of the 3 types. It suppose to give a nude lips look, another one suppose to give a natural look while the other one is red lips dramatic look. It doesn't really claims anything except that it is a 3 in 1 lip set kit. Ok fine, I kind of agree that you can get '3 looks' with this but watever.

This is the 1gram lip stick on top.

and the 3gram lip gloss below with the common applicator.

I have to say that the colour is pretty pigmented which is good but the smell of this product is really bad. It smells like they are trying to hard to want to make it smell sweet berry smell which I'm sorry, AVON FAIL TO DO SO. Also, it doesn't last long and its pretty uncomfortable wearing them. My lips reacted to this product, it gives my lips like an allergic feel.
They also have a foundation and concealer duo and eye liner and liquid shadow duo. I almost wanted to buy them but after testing out this lip duo, it gave me a bad impression and no way am I gonna buy the other duo from there.

Something to waste time before doing MA Assignment.

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I LOVE CHRIST! Got this from CF TCPJ.
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Oh yeah, can someone please tell me how to safely remove my contact lenses when i have super long nails?? Leave comment or chatbox. Thanks!

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