Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amirul's Birthday Celebration

I know!! I'm so sorry for posting this late. I've uploaded the pictures 2 nights ago, I just didn't put the words in.

Anyway, Thursday was AMIRUL'S Birthday!! A bunch of us went for karaoke and dinner to celebrate his Birthday. He is turning 19 and he is single! So, if any of you not gays want to get to know him a little better, you know you can just ask me for his number. hahaha.

By the way, if I'm not mistaken, I think I have more pictures of him in this post instead of myself. Yeah me! So proud of myself.

Also, just check the number of times he emo......

Birthday boy reading birthday card.

Seriously, I have no idea what he is pointing at. Maybe the screen.

EMO number 1

EMO number 2

EMO number 3

Not really emo but just look at his expression. EMO number 4!

It suppose to be a nice picture but the song came, so SING.

Look here..


Hmmmm...... Imran. Yes, singing, don't be surprise.

Smile at the back!

Girl's song.

Cute Couple!

Another Cute one!

Okay, we are not a couple! Christine is unavailable, she already has someone special.

Aaron posing... He also can sing wan ok.



Isabelle look so cute here.

Wondering who is the unfamiliar one, the one that is drinking through the straw...
That is wai yik (Is this how to spell your name?)

Guy time!

Mirul and Belle.









Mirul again..

The couple!

I lamp post sial. Messy hair is me!

Final picture before heading to the car.
Newz of the day:
  • More Karaoke PLEASE!
  • I was suffering from some pain between my feet and my lower part of my leg. What is that part call? I feel so dumb now after coming out from high school. Actually, I didn't really pay attention to biology class anyway so not much difference, I wouldn't know what is it call also.
  • Amirul got a MP3 now, so we all can borrow his! hahahaha.

Hmm, anything else.... I think that's all.... oh wait, I actually got some free samples of some product which I can't remember the brand now but my first attempt was freakish-ly amazing! I was like OMgosh! I can't even see my blackheads! I don't know if the skin will get tolerate to that product because you know sometime the first try is always successful but later it just doesn't work your you anymore cause your skin had become tolerate to the product. I will reveal the product maybe in another post, depending, if I have the time.

Watson is on sale! yeah! I was craving to go to Watson yesterday (Friday) after looking at the drooling ads in the papers that morning but I was just so caught up with assignments and all so I went today in the evening. I was pretty disappointed actually because I think that the sale wasn't as massive as I've pictured it. It was just quite a normal sale and I could also say that some things that I wanted to get that I saw in the ads, they didn't have it there. So yeah, pretty much like that la.

Every drugstore in Malaysia is having sale including Guardian, Caring and etc. I'm not attracted to guardian sale maybe because the things are on sale wasn't my cup of tea. Caring... ermmm... Caring? hmmm... Let me know what you think about caring or which is your favourite pharmacy?

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