Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tony Roma's

Me & Miss Cassie
She gave me a hamster cage when i just gotten my hamster. Thank You!

I've learn how to use Macro. So fun~!

One Cheesy Burger for Ivan.
Healthy Burger comparatively to 'cha pa lang' Ramli's

One 1/4 Rosted Chicken.

Asian Salad
Best salad ever tasted, will go back for this!
Bottomless drinks.
Cannot finish, no chance to refill.

The not-so-nice soup.

The awesome bread!

Kaven say to put this picture as~
Ivan say: 'What happen to my income tax?!?'
His stress face
Have no idea why Kaven take this?

Me & Ivan

Sad after a horrible picture.

Kaven & Me

Thanks Ivan for the lunch!
It was Awesome!

Last night, I was just trying out some functions on my camera.
Took these because I want to blog about the free trial contact lenses that I got from M.O.G Eyewear.
Previously, I had a card from Masscolympics for free contact lenses on 1day Acuvue Moist. I told myself that I have to get these since I could easily get it from Aeon Bukit Tinggi.
Besides, I Lurveee free stuffs!
Newz of The Day:
My first time at Tony Roma's was good. The service was fast, food was great. Even STINGY PERSON like ME felt that it is definitely worth going! If you are kind of tied in cash, get the set lunch, for female can share. By the way, spending RM30 and above gets RM10 coupon, resit as prove & voucher. Man, it makes me hungry now...

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