Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Race/Hunt, Today, CF

Mashed banana mixed with chocolate, sound awesome right? But nooo, if it is served on diapers? It looks like shit! Hahaha, don't be surprise we ate it. Later post got pictures I'll post up. It doesn't taste that bad but if you have an imaginative mind, oh, it flys....

Run run run, sing sing sing! Malu nyer.. hmmm, ok, that was a joke. I tak tau malu wan! hahahahaha. For the 1st task, I rather sing aloud on top of the roof to everyone down there than to munch the tomatos and spit it into a bottle. My group and I did the punishment, many people stared cause we were the first to do so. Wahahaaha, it was awesome!

We won 1st place was a shocker. Wahaha, never really thought about it.

Proposal now, malas nyer..

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