Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's a horrible disaster

Internet connection at home is giving my whole family a headache. The modem is out i guess. The light that is not suppose to blink kept blinking! It's horrible, my parents were like watching a suspense movie, just waiting to see if it will stop blinking. God, it's toturing not being able to go online at home. It's torturing to see my dad not being able to got to Malaysian today, torturing to see my mom not being able to read her emails and news. Of course, not forgeting myself for not being able to do the things that i usually do. Luckly, I have an alternative, which is my college. Though, even with that, it is not possible for me to check my email at least once a day, I might have classes and not willing to stay back after that, to crapping tired.

I don't seems to be studying! I'm so lazy.....

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