Monday, April 27, 2009

First day with my New Camera

Dessert & Me

Michelle & Main Course

Main Course ~ Lamb & Mash Potato

Look at that MEAT!

Our great server!

Appetizer ~ Omelet

Qer Xin (QQ)

Hungry me...

Mich teaching me how to use Macro. She PRO!


Michelle & Pink Paradise

The other table ~ Joanne, Zhao Wern, Lisa and 2 other roommates.

Zhao Wern & Me

Michelle, Yvonne & QQ

Nicole, Me & Joanne

Nicole & Me

Kaven & Joanne

Joanne & Me

Bodoh Sui Zarbo cover my face!

OH, it happened to fast. Blur....

Top: QQ, Anna, Joanne
Bottom: Kai Chin, Yvonne

Left to Right:
QQ, Kai Chin, Anna, Joanne & Me

Moral Class

Moral Class

Nicole, Foong Yee, Serene, Laura(where are you??!!)
Fine Dining: Thank Joanne for inviting me!
Moral Notes: Thanks Laura for lending it to me!
Newz of the DAY:
Izrein's getting Married! Congrates! We'll be there for her wedding day.

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