Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crapping Lazy....Zzzzzz

Yesh yesh, its hard to believe that JQ is lazy.Try telling that to my parents, they will say I'm the Lazies Girl in the whole wide world. Wahahha. Kept saying Do Assignment but I never seems to touch it. What a Failure! I hate feeling useless but I'm the type still won't do anything about it. Now still can chat with Sui Zarbo and Neville on msn. Want to bathe, very dirty and sticky now. That is what happen when i whole day at home, I won't be bother to take a shower until before I want to meet my bed and go to my wonderland. Head ache sial! Got one crapping HUGE PIMPLE on my Forehead, it's so painful and became worst when my ichy hands got press it. It's now so horrible and black, I wish i have my camera to show you all how UGLY am I now. But it wasn't my worst experience with pimple, I had worst times then now. It was horrible, i had like 3 pimples that time and it was all over my face. Total self esteem disaster!

By the way, I said i went to the salon right the post before. My mom and I didn't stay for long, we ended up leaving without doing anything, lots of ppl. Also, I'm not talking about you SUI ZARBO! You very the pweeettttiiiii okay...whahahahaha

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