Monday, April 27, 2009


This is a forced post!! They want me to blog about them, wahahahaha. Sometimes when someone says cousins, you might give an initial picture of them being the same age as the person who said it. It is just natural human cognitive effect, it's very normal.

My these two cousins are much older than I am, working adults. Yes, I admit that when i was way young, I thought that you all were my AUNTies! So SO sorry!! They were the awesome cousins that will bring my younger brother and I out for anything, everything and everywhere. I know I am exaggerating, I'm trying to bring up your value, wahahahaha, Aiyo nola, You all PRICELESS ok.

Growing up with them was just great even though they live quite a distance away. I'm even closer to them than my other cousins that are my age.

Coming Up: New camera updates! How I spent my first day with my new camera...

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