Sunday, April 19, 2009

Check That Vid!

Check out the video before this post. It's about people not having food to eat, best part is that it's not about Africa. It is happening in Thailand, a land that is so close to us. Having 3meals a day is a luxury, not many know that. Here we are ordering food for lunch but only ate half from the plate in the name of stomach full/want to keep fit/not nice and so on. There they are eating food not even from other's people plate but from the black bin. I know most of us teenagers/young adults don't really care but just try to finish the food you order if not, don't call so much or only wait till later for your meal.

To all Grace Assembly Youth,

Please bring at least one canned food on every 2nd Sunday of the month for the food bank programme. You can bring other things like rice as well. Don't be a jerk only care about yourself, I believe even Paris Hilton care for others no matter how self-obsess is she.

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