Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tony Roma's

Me & Miss Cassie
She gave me a hamster cage when i just gotten my hamster. Thank You!

I've learn how to use Macro. So fun~!

One Cheesy Burger for Ivan.
Healthy Burger comparatively to 'cha pa lang' Ramli's

One 1/4 Rosted Chicken.

Asian Salad
Best salad ever tasted, will go back for this!
Bottomless drinks.
Cannot finish, no chance to refill.

The not-so-nice soup.

The awesome bread!

Kaven say to put this picture as~
Ivan say: 'What happen to my income tax?!?'
His stress face
Have no idea why Kaven take this?

Me & Ivan

Sad after a horrible picture.

Kaven & Me

Thanks Ivan for the lunch!
It was Awesome!

Last night, I was just trying out some functions on my camera.
Took these because I want to blog about the free trial contact lenses that I got from M.O.G Eyewear.
Previously, I had a card from Masscolympics for free contact lenses on 1day Acuvue Moist. I told myself that I have to get these since I could easily get it from Aeon Bukit Tinggi.
Besides, I Lurveee free stuffs!
Newz of The Day:
My first time at Tony Roma's was good. The service was fast, food was great. Even STINGY PERSON like ME felt that it is definitely worth going! If you are kind of tied in cash, get the set lunch, for female can share. By the way, spending RM30 and above gets RM10 coupon, resit as prove & voucher. Man, it makes me hungry now...

Monday, April 27, 2009

First day with my New Camera

Dessert & Me

Michelle & Main Course

Main Course ~ Lamb & Mash Potato

Look at that MEAT!

Our great server!

Appetizer ~ Omelet

Qer Xin (QQ)

Hungry me...

Mich teaching me how to use Macro. She PRO!


Michelle & Pink Paradise

The other table ~ Joanne, Zhao Wern, Lisa and 2 other roommates.

Zhao Wern & Me

Michelle, Yvonne & QQ

Nicole, Me & Joanne

Nicole & Me

Kaven & Joanne

Joanne & Me

Bodoh Sui Zarbo cover my face!

OH, it happened to fast. Blur....

Top: QQ, Anna, Joanne
Bottom: Kai Chin, Yvonne

Left to Right:
QQ, Kai Chin, Anna, Joanne & Me

Moral Class

Moral Class

Nicole, Foong Yee, Serene, Laura(where are you??!!)
Fine Dining: Thank Joanne for inviting me!
Moral Notes: Thanks Laura for lending it to me!
Newz of the DAY:
Izrein's getting Married! Congrates! We'll be there for her wedding day.


This is a forced post!! They want me to blog about them, wahahahaha. Sometimes when someone says cousins, you might give an initial picture of them being the same age as the person who said it. It is just natural human cognitive effect, it's very normal.

My these two cousins are much older than I am, working adults. Yes, I admit that when i was way young, I thought that you all were my AUNTies! So SO sorry!! They were the awesome cousins that will bring my younger brother and I out for anything, everything and everywhere. I know I am exaggerating, I'm trying to bring up your value, wahahahaha, Aiyo nola, You all PRICELESS ok.

Growing up with them was just great even though they live quite a distance away. I'm even closer to them than my other cousins that are my age.

Coming Up: New camera updates! How I spent my first day with my new camera...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crapping Lazy....Zzzzzz

Yesh yesh, its hard to believe that JQ is lazy.Try telling that to my parents, they will say I'm the Lazies Girl in the whole wide world. Wahahha. Kept saying Do Assignment but I never seems to touch it. What a Failure! I hate feeling useless but I'm the type still won't do anything about it. Now still can chat with Sui Zarbo and Neville on msn. Want to bathe, very dirty and sticky now. That is what happen when i whole day at home, I won't be bother to take a shower until before I want to meet my bed and go to my wonderland. Head ache sial! Got one crapping HUGE PIMPLE on my Forehead, it's so painful and became worst when my ichy hands got press it. It's now so horrible and black, I wish i have my camera to show you all how UGLY am I now. But it wasn't my worst experience with pimple, I had worst times then now. It was horrible, i had like 3 pimples that time and it was all over my face. Total self esteem disaster!

By the way, I said i went to the salon right the post before. My mom and I didn't stay for long, we ended up leaving without doing anything, lots of ppl. Also, I'm not talking about you SUI ZARBO! You very the pweeettttiiiii okay...whahahahaha

Straight hair

After having lunch with my mom, we decided to drop by the salon for some trimming. We sat and waited for a while. As we were waiting, I observed that 3 out of 5 customers were straightening their hair. Let me get this straight, there's nothing wrong with straight hair, I have nothing against it. Is just that almost everyone is doing it, don't you think is boring? When you go out there everybody have the same super straight hair. I remember there's this shampoo commercial (I don't remember which), beginning it shows all the female walking out with no smile, all with straight long black hair. Walked like robot like that, then they all take of the wig and start showing their different hair style that addresses their personality. If you follow trends, then you will just look like any other ppl out there, one word, BORING!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Race/Hunt, Today, CF

Mashed banana mixed with chocolate, sound awesome right? But nooo, if it is served on diapers? It looks like shit! Hahaha, don't be surprise we ate it. Later post got pictures I'll post up. It doesn't taste that bad but if you have an imaginative mind, oh, it flys....

Run run run, sing sing sing! Malu nyer.. hmmm, ok, that was a joke. I tak tau malu wan! hahahahaha. For the 1st task, I rather sing aloud on top of the roof to everyone down there than to munch the tomatos and spit it into a bottle. My group and I did the punishment, many people stared cause we were the first to do so. Wahahaaha, it was awesome!

We won 1st place was a shocker. Wahaha, never really thought about it.

Proposal now, malas nyer..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Youtube by Mike mozart

Kiss Pop

Candy Human Blood

'Give them the finger' Toy

and more......

It's a LAUGH!

Mike Mozart Toy Review

I found his videos by random in youtube and he is hilarious! If you hate criticisms then don't watch, it's not for the weak hearted people.

Check That Vid!

Check out the video before this post. It's about people not having food to eat, best part is that it's not about Africa. It is happening in Thailand, a land that is so close to us. Having 3meals a day is a luxury, not many know that. Here we are ordering food for lunch but only ate half from the plate in the name of stomach full/want to keep fit/not nice and so on. There they are eating food not even from other's people plate but from the black bin. I know most of us teenagers/young adults don't really care but just try to finish the food you order if not, don't call so much or only wait till later for your meal.

To all Grace Assembly Youth,

Please bring at least one canned food on every 2nd Sunday of the month for the food bank programme. You can bring other things like rice as well. Don't be a jerk only care about yourself, I believe even Paris Hilton care for others no matter how self-obsess is she.

Culture Unplugged Video

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dance class

In dance class now.
Waiting for Carol.....
We are so screw....
whahahaha, it's so not ready..
We are all just gonna main tembak later.
Then, am gonna partayyyyyyy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Flea Market was fun today! I lurve flea markets! Things are incredibly cheep, how often can you get 6 pairs of earings for RM10? Joanne and I shared 3 each, save money so that it's only RM5 for each of us. They should do this more often, it's a self interest and also a social interest! I bought this shirt printed 'Not Tied Down', material was alright but I like the cutting alot.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Happy Birthday Gabby! We had a picnic, it was quite sometime ago.

Korean Food for lunch. So much so full!

My hamster. Hyper.