Monday, March 23, 2009

So many things, so little time...

So many things had happened, i just didn't have the time to blog about it. Anyway, hate it when college will be starting soon. I'm just so settle in with my new working life, working hours and crappy enquiries. I love the stress and the rush. I'm sleepy all day and hyper all day too. I'll be extra hyper when Joanne is around. Everyday only thinking about rojak, keropok and snacks! Office that were used to be quiet now filled with noisy student helpers that are constantly eating all the time! Everyday is a challenge, you will never know what you will get.

Recently, Miss Cassie got us into Lunch hour fine dining. Food was good but the starter is vegetable kebab again, I'm bored of that. I miss my dessert chocolate muse. Thanks Miss Cassie! Then, Kaven had been cooking lunch for joanne and i quite often while we were working there and also she paid the mostly while we were at steakhouse buffalo for dinner one night. Thanks Kaven! Joanne too had once given me a treat in ginger tree. Thanks Joanne! Miera belanja me Keropok. Thanks!

Taylor's Campus day was tiring. Man i had to stand from 10am-5pm, Ogi as well. We can actually get a chair but I have no idea why but Ogi and i prefer to stand. To look professional i guess and for me to keep out on 'leng cai'. To bad, other that some cute french lecturers, none that came in to the hall caught my eye. Suppose to end at 5pm but i only manage to push off from college at 6.30pm. Reach home was like half dead, didn't manage to make it to my room, i ended up napping at my couch while my parents was watching the news until my mom got to force me upstairs. The next day, totally forced myself up at 7.30am.

Got my Hamsters today!! Though, they totally bite! Unfriendly little mice!

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