Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Self Deception

Do you remember those times when you look over to the other table just to take another glance of the hot girl sitting there? Oh, you know, for not much of a reason actually. Maybe just to take a peep of her clothes that hopefully may look good on you as much as it had on her. How about staring at those girls who just know how to always make an entrance without her even trying to grab the attention of the people in the room? When it comes to a time while you are envying another girl, your eyes will be on her slowly scanning from her top to toe. It will be a moment of silence for you, letting your imaginations fly. You might put yourself in her shoes or you might say 'I rather be myself' even though deep down inside, you know you were just being a sour grape.

Always Be Yourself

Very true but don't tell me you never ever thought of being them?

Wouldn't it be fun? You don't have to be a bitch or a hoer to be like them. You can always replicate their confident and lose the obnoxious attitude. All these girls/women believe that they are important and fabulous. There is nothing wrong to feel LOA once in a while, just make sure is not always or you will be labeled as annoying. I'm sure there comes a day where you just want to feel hot and be all that. You know what babes, you DESERVE it after all the times keeping yourselves on the DL.

Sometimes you say you're just being yourself while in actual fact there is a huge, big fat mask covering the you that you want to be. Why? Because it is what the people around you expect of you. Is not your fault, you are just trying to live up to their expectations. I guess reputation is really important to some of us. Is not as easy as it sounds because you got to think twice in whatever that you do. Is not easy being good, is not easy being a role model, or as a christian being Christ-like. Sometimes you just feel like letting everything go and lie on the bed doing nothing but you can't because you have all the responsibilities that you have to carry.

Let me just give you a pat on the back. You are doing a great job.

Now, i'll be off to bed. Will need my rest for another hectic day of work tomorrow! I love ME! Yea me!! Cut the Crap!

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