Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not Inspired

I have lots of things to blog actually, just that i don't really have the time. So many things to think! Like today, saturday, suppose to be my day off from everything. Already plan nicely to wake up late, play Sims2 (thanks to Joanne, I got motivated to play that game again), play with my hamster, off light at 8.30pm later and just do nothing. Ended up, sms starts coming in at around 8am. One asked me what time is the orientation, my dad asked me to wake up and get ready by 10am to go out which i ended up also sleep until he comes back. Then, Jasen message say that Bro.Philip want to have an informal meet up for some discussions later at night. Morning went out with dad till 2-3pm, come back sleep (thank God I got time to sleep). In between sleep also family members come tell me things which i cannot remember. Didn't put alarm, woke up with me being aware that the sun was going down which made me though that i was late for my night meeting but in actual fact it was only 6pm. Use the computer for while, play with hamster for while then rush to church. Met up with Bro.Philip and his kids and Jasen, go straight to a mamak stall that i never been before. A very nice place, like a very high class mamak. Haha. Price was reasonable. Bro.Philip's treat on mamak. Took a Paratha and coffee tarik which was quite good. I kind of enjoy india food! Tried some Kemma Naan, was filling because of the minced meet inside. Rush home at 8.45pm, pick my family for dinner. On the way back, i was observing on how many will actually turn off their light and be apart of the 60 Earth Hour event. Honestly, i was quite disappointed cause most of the light in my residential area is ON! Some on more lights!

It was quite interesting to see that some people think that it is just plain bullshit. To me I felt that don't la say it's stupid or pointless cause it is other people's effort in trying to create awareness in this world. Some people are just so into their own little world, selfish humans. Do you know that when the BIG world is gone your SMALL world will be gone too? Why are you so worried about the small matters when the bigger issue is in need of your help? Can't you just be apart of it? If you own a shop restaurant, okay, understandable. Is just 1hour of your house lights will be switch off, is it that hard? Even your laptop battery can stand longer than that! Just go out of the house if you feel bored during that period of time. Is just 1 hour, I'm sure you can think of something. I don't really care about it but just to show that Malaysian are SUPPOSE to be united, so we went out for dinner during that time. Though, we forgot to off one of the room's toilet light but at least an effort was there. I was proud that my family actually like for once did this kind of things.

Yesterday lunch was crappy full! Korean food! Their meat was awesome, it's so sweet and slightly tender. Got pictures, maybe later, still in the camera.

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