Saturday, March 7, 2009


No offence but dance class was crapping boring today. I didn’t learn anything. Is just like high school tuition like that, I told myself to never join Delta centre cause their classes are often in big group of student which i totally dislike. To me, I guess i can’t learn much when I’m in a big group, is either I can’t catch up or I’m way further and want to know what’s next. I prefer smaller group and the attention is only focus to a few students. Of course more people is fun but when I’m paying to learn something, is a definite no-no to me. I want to make full use of what I have paid. Seriously, today’s dance class makes me feel like is so pointless.

I was emo-ing after that when i left earlier than usual, totally in no mood for telemarketing. Thank God some HT students are having their class in the restaurant and i at 1st thought the smell was pineapple. Miss Cassie thought it was pineapple too. Then Kevan told us that it is actually Flambé they are preparing. It was fabulous! I tried both the banana and peach Flambé. You can taste the bitterness of the Rum and Orange Liqueur in the caramel but it was good…. Best part was i got the one that the lecturer had done! I meet a new guy call Mr.Patrick, forgot who is he d but he was a very nice person. Haha, i also get to try the Orange liqueur by itself. Is like a sweet liqueur taste, is not bad but my gosh, I cannot take it. With just one sip, it like gives a heat to the back of my throat.

After that, my mood came back. Happy jolly me till now. Tired. Going to sleep now, tomorrow got design workshop at college.

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