Monday, March 30, 2009

Class is starting!!

OMgosh!! I am so lazy!! I don't want to study!! I felt so bad for Michelle, Christine, Imran, and Izzuddin today cause of my mistake. I should have double and triple check with Miss Catherine regarding the Campus tour for orientation. I assumed that they are already in. They come so early to college somemore. Sorry guys, pity them. I want to watch the fast the furious! Hot Vin Diesel is the main actor, bald and buff! Wahahaha. Going with them listed above on thursday. Joanne come kacau d. hahahaha. she go toilet. wahahahha. Sui pO!!. GTG. Maybe later tonight i online. I want to play the SIMS!!! Sims 3 is coming out this JUNE!!!! I'm planing to buy the original. Dunno yet, see got money not!

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