Monday, March 30, 2009

half an hour more....

i'm going home,
to a place where i belong..

I pray that tomorrow will be a day that totally belongs to me!

SHocking news!! Everybody got to study Econs.. So much teori.... boring nyer...

Class is starting!!

OMgosh!! I am so lazy!! I don't want to study!! I felt so bad for Michelle, Christine, Imran, and Izzuddin today cause of my mistake. I should have double and triple check with Miss Catherine regarding the Campus tour for orientation. I assumed that they are already in. They come so early to college somemore. Sorry guys, pity them. I want to watch the fast the furious! Hot Vin Diesel is the main actor, bald and buff! Wahahaha. Going with them listed above on thursday. Joanne come kacau d. hahahaha. she go toilet. wahahahha. Sui pO!!. GTG. Maybe later tonight i online. I want to play the SIMS!!! Sims 3 is coming out this JUNE!!!! I'm planing to buy the original. Dunno yet, see got money not!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not Inspired

I have lots of things to blog actually, just that i don't really have the time. So many things to think! Like today, saturday, suppose to be my day off from everything. Already plan nicely to wake up late, play Sims2 (thanks to Joanne, I got motivated to play that game again), play with my hamster, off light at 8.30pm later and just do nothing. Ended up, sms starts coming in at around 8am. One asked me what time is the orientation, my dad asked me to wake up and get ready by 10am to go out which i ended up also sleep until he comes back. Then, Jasen message say that Bro.Philip want to have an informal meet up for some discussions later at night. Morning went out with dad till 2-3pm, come back sleep (thank God I got time to sleep). In between sleep also family members come tell me things which i cannot remember. Didn't put alarm, woke up with me being aware that the sun was going down which made me though that i was late for my night meeting but in actual fact it was only 6pm. Use the computer for while, play with hamster for while then rush to church. Met up with Bro.Philip and his kids and Jasen, go straight to a mamak stall that i never been before. A very nice place, like a very high class mamak. Haha. Price was reasonable. Bro.Philip's treat on mamak. Took a Paratha and coffee tarik which was quite good. I kind of enjoy india food! Tried some Kemma Naan, was filling because of the minced meet inside. Rush home at 8.45pm, pick my family for dinner. On the way back, i was observing on how many will actually turn off their light and be apart of the 60 Earth Hour event. Honestly, i was quite disappointed cause most of the light in my residential area is ON! Some on more lights!

It was quite interesting to see that some people think that it is just plain bullshit. To me I felt that don't la say it's stupid or pointless cause it is other people's effort in trying to create awareness in this world. Some people are just so into their own little world, selfish humans. Do you know that when the BIG world is gone your SMALL world will be gone too? Why are you so worried about the small matters when the bigger issue is in need of your help? Can't you just be apart of it? If you own a shop restaurant, okay, understandable. Is just 1hour of your house lights will be switch off, is it that hard? Even your laptop battery can stand longer than that! Just go out of the house if you feel bored during that period of time. Is just 1 hour, I'm sure you can think of something. I don't really care about it but just to show that Malaysian are SUPPOSE to be united, so we went out for dinner during that time. Though, we forgot to off one of the room's toilet light but at least an effort was there. I was proud that my family actually like for once did this kind of things.

Yesterday lunch was crappy full! Korean food! Their meat was awesome, it's so sweet and slightly tender. Got pictures, maybe later, still in the camera.

Monday, March 23, 2009

So many things, so little time...

So many things had happened, i just didn't have the time to blog about it. Anyway, hate it when college will be starting soon. I'm just so settle in with my new working life, working hours and crappy enquiries. I love the stress and the rush. I'm sleepy all day and hyper all day too. I'll be extra hyper when Joanne is around. Everyday only thinking about rojak, keropok and snacks! Office that were used to be quiet now filled with noisy student helpers that are constantly eating all the time! Everyday is a challenge, you will never know what you will get.

Recently, Miss Cassie got us into Lunch hour fine dining. Food was good but the starter is vegetable kebab again, I'm bored of that. I miss my dessert chocolate muse. Thanks Miss Cassie! Then, Kaven had been cooking lunch for joanne and i quite often while we were working there and also she paid the mostly while we were at steakhouse buffalo for dinner one night. Thanks Kaven! Joanne too had once given me a treat in ginger tree. Thanks Joanne! Miera belanja me Keropok. Thanks!

Taylor's Campus day was tiring. Man i had to stand from 10am-5pm, Ogi as well. We can actually get a chair but I have no idea why but Ogi and i prefer to stand. To look professional i guess and for me to keep out on 'leng cai'. To bad, other that some cute french lecturers, none that came in to the hall caught my eye. Suppose to end at 5pm but i only manage to push off from college at 6.30pm. Reach home was like half dead, didn't manage to make it to my room, i ended up napping at my couch while my parents was watching the news until my mom got to force me upstairs. The next day, totally forced myself up at 7.30am.

Got my Hamsters today!! Though, they totally bite! Unfriendly little mice!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Prayer Practice for Everyday - Threads

For those of us struggling with perpetual busyness, the Apostle Paul’s instruction to “pray constantly” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) may not be as out of reach as we once thought. Here are a handful of creative ideas for weaving conversational prayer with God into your daily routine:

  • Pair Up. Form a unique prayer alliance with a fellow believer. Take turns giving each other a call every day, and spend a few minutes praying together about the day to come. The call may only take 10 minutes, but it will do wonders for your ability to hear God’s voice throughout the day.
  • Listen Good. Rather than listening to your regular iPod playlists as you walk to class, listen to a favorite hymn or worship chorus. Focus on the lyrics, and let the songs inspire you to pray as you go, confessing any sins and inviting God to spend the day with you.
  • Show & Tell. Decorate your dorm room or apartment with beautiful art or photography that inspires you to turn your attention to God. Hang the art where you will see it often, and let it serve as a reminder to renew your connection with God’s presence.
  • Think on This. One of the most ancient of the spiritual disciplines, meditation, is also one of the most portable. On index cards, write three or four verses or short passages from Scripture and tape them to your desk or the dashboard of your car. As you notice the cards, be reminded to take a minute or two to talk with God about what they say. Rotate new verses in regularly to keep the conversation fresh.
  • Quiet Time. At least once or twice a week, have lunch alone. Find a park or café off the beaten path and spend your lunch hour in private prayer with God. At least once a year, take a weekend trip alone, void of luxuries—and noise. Try a camping trip or retreat to the beach in the off-season.
  • Nature Walk. Engaging with nature is a great way to deepen your connection with God. A few times a day, take a break from the routine and go someplace where there are trees and grass. Take off your shoes and let your heart connect with the beauty of the natural world. Invite God to join you as you walk.
  • Focus In. As you run your errands or perform those mindless chores we all face each week, turn it into a time of silent focus. Make the commitment to stay quiet, to move slowly, and to focus your attention on listening. Don’t speak. Instead, let God direct the conversation in your heart.

-Content gotten from Threads-

Sunday, March 15, 2009

St Trinians

Omgosh, it is awesome! It is so funny! I love this show, this movie so crapping different than others. If you get a chance, you so have to watch it. You won’t regret it. I’ll do review soon. I’m just so overwhelmed by the movie now, it’s just so refreshing to watch a movie that is not just like any other chick flick. This show can really do some totally damage to your mind till you even thought of joining that wicked school in that movie. Even though they are like the worst students of all but they are like the best sisters of all. Their school is like a big family with a total variety of girls from geek to hot to Goth. Anyway, it’s just awesome!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Zhao Wern- Happy Birthday

Yes, all the guys, this is the pretty Zhao Wern. She's my senior in college. She is totally available but with conditions, the guy must be Tall, Hot, Rich and Handsome! Wahahaha...
Happy Birthday!!!
Love You Loads!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Big Birthday Daddy!

Family picture.
All siao siao wan!

Dunno daddy is posing or is just looking up?

Love my Parents!

That's my Dad.
Like small kid like that playing with the plastic bird.
His fav bird, SWOLLOW.
Happy Birthday Daddy!
I'll always be your little girl.
Don't worry, i won't grow up and get a boyfriend so soon.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Self Deception

Do you remember those times when you look over to the other table just to take another glance of the hot girl sitting there? Oh, you know, for not much of a reason actually. Maybe just to take a peep of her clothes that hopefully may look good on you as much as it had on her. How about staring at those girls who just know how to always make an entrance without her even trying to grab the attention of the people in the room? When it comes to a time while you are envying another girl, your eyes will be on her slowly scanning from her top to toe. It will be a moment of silence for you, letting your imaginations fly. You might put yourself in her shoes or you might say 'I rather be myself' even though deep down inside, you know you were just being a sour grape.

Always Be Yourself

Very true but don't tell me you never ever thought of being them?

Wouldn't it be fun? You don't have to be a bitch or a hoer to be like them. You can always replicate their confident and lose the obnoxious attitude. All these girls/women believe that they are important and fabulous. There is nothing wrong to feel LOA once in a while, just make sure is not always or you will be labeled as annoying. I'm sure there comes a day where you just want to feel hot and be all that. You know what babes, you DESERVE it after all the times keeping yourselves on the DL.

Sometimes you say you're just being yourself while in actual fact there is a huge, big fat mask covering the you that you want to be. Why? Because it is what the people around you expect of you. Is not your fault, you are just trying to live up to their expectations. I guess reputation is really important to some of us. Is not as easy as it sounds because you got to think twice in whatever that you do. Is not easy being good, is not easy being a role model, or as a christian being Christ-like. Sometimes you just feel like letting everything go and lie on the bed doing nothing but you can't because you have all the responsibilities that you have to carry.

Let me just give you a pat on the back. You are doing a great job.

Now, i'll be off to bed. Will need my rest for another hectic day of work tomorrow! I love ME! Yea me!! Cut the Crap!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


No offence but dance class was crapping boring today. I didn’t learn anything. Is just like high school tuition like that, I told myself to never join Delta centre cause their classes are often in big group of student which i totally dislike. To me, I guess i can’t learn much when I’m in a big group, is either I can’t catch up or I’m way further and want to know what’s next. I prefer smaller group and the attention is only focus to a few students. Of course more people is fun but when I’m paying to learn something, is a definite no-no to me. I want to make full use of what I have paid. Seriously, today’s dance class makes me feel like is so pointless.

I was emo-ing after that when i left earlier than usual, totally in no mood for telemarketing. Thank God some HT students are having their class in the restaurant and i at 1st thought the smell was pineapple. Miss Cassie thought it was pineapple too. Then Kevan told us that it is actually Flambé they are preparing. It was fabulous! I tried both the banana and peach Flambé. You can taste the bitterness of the Rum and Orange Liqueur in the caramel but it was good…. Best part was i got the one that the lecturer had done! I meet a new guy call Mr.Patrick, forgot who is he d but he was a very nice person. Haha, i also get to try the Orange liqueur by itself. Is like a sweet liqueur taste, is not bad but my gosh, I cannot take it. With just one sip, it like gives a heat to the back of my throat.

After that, my mood came back. Happy jolly me till now. Tired. Going to sleep now, tomorrow got design workshop at college.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009