Saturday, February 28, 2009

Windows Live Writer.

I’m here doing some crapping just to test out my new Windows Live Writer. Not really sure how it works but i shall play around with it and find out.

Anyway, i think i came to a point where i kind of like the show The Other Boleyn Girl. The first time i watched it, i didn’t felt anything. Then, i guess the after effect is getting to me. I kept on thinking about the show, about how good it was. The whole movie really captures the female power but at the same time keeping it down low so that it doesn’t looks like you are overpowering the King.

This movie reminds me of those Chinese drama series where there are a lots of backstabbing and betraying going on. Learn how to empower the men by letting them believe that they are in charge, that was how the female use to climb their way up. Is also the same concept where you are to tie the knot with the  people you don’t know or don’t want to.  

No offence but partly, to me i felt that it had also shows how easily men change their mind on a girl after they meet a better one. Men want what other men want. All beauty but no brain equals to childish and naive. Kindness, caring and a good heart is important, it does scores point but when you are smart, confident and daring goes way further because you keep a mystery for the man to solve. Puzzles keeps them amused because it’s challenging and excitement.

It’s heartbreaking to see good person ends last though in a long term, thank God they lived.

‘A man’s love is worthless without power and statues’

Great line but totally disagree.

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