Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine day.

My day was awesome! No, i dont have a valentine's date. My agenda for for yesterday since its already 1.45am.

  • woke up at 12.30pm
  • before getting ready for prayer meeting, watch some TV, eat some beans for branch.
  • ready for prayer meeting, before pushing off, sat in the car read some AVON brochure that just came in for march.
  • at church prayer tower, had a chat with bro philip while waiting for others. Then Jasen come, over slept again. Always wan la him.
  • after prayer, went home, online for a while, manage to watch one episode of Wizard of Waverly place on youtube before going out with my mom to the salon.
  • my hair had a trim, some serious trim, and they blow it till like really straight for me, so it looks nice for now until i next wash my hair.
  • wanted to do some extensions again but darn, they out of stock, my mom super happy.
  • go makan with my BF a.k.a MOM just around chi liung.
  • Went back continued with my youtube Wizofwaverlyplace. FYI, i've finished 34 episodes from the 22th episodes. All that i haven't watch before. By the way, also i've finished watching The Suite life on deck on Youtube. OMGosh, its awesome. I think next will be Hannah Montana. Who say i'm not making full use of my time?
  • Then bored bored d, watched romeo and juliet. Crap wei, i dont understand a single word that movie is saying. All in poetic sentence. I know is a nice movie but i totally kept on skipping and skipping and skipping until THE END! I was like 'man,finally it's over' I considered it watched finished even though i don't know what is the plot. Wahahhaa.
  • then bored bored somemore, finally took the guts to watch 'SAW' episode 2. I've been wanting to watch finish the 2nd,3rd and 4th but no one teman. At least the 1st and last one got my brother with me. Though i'm scared but i want to watch cause to me, it had a really powerful message behind the story. It had made me appreciates life more,better and the people around me.
  • now, cannot sleep cause bulu roma naik d. The after effect of 'SAW'. Awesome movie man.

By the way, Friday i went with the girls, Serene(diploma), cecilia and tasha to watch the guy's football match. Heidy and Shane was in the game. Met some cute guys. wahahahahaha. Took some pictures with serene's awesome camera. wahahahaha. I dont have the pictures yet but i'll try get it from her. And also forgot, Ishmeal was there too but he is playing with other team that wasnt playing that day. The whole bunch of football players and us go mamak after that. They are some serious jokers wei. Funny like mad. Was really great to meet new people.

Then, after dinner, heidy drove all the way to klang just to send me back. They(including Ishmeal, Tasha, Cecilia) were all so nice don't want me to take train back alone. They came to my house at around 10pm and chatted for 2 hours+. Around 12.30am only they went home. Bathed then bed.

--------end of story---------

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