Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Taylors was on FIRE!

Ok, i might have exaggerate the situation with my post title. Yes, my campus, Taylors PJ was on fire AGAIN. This is this the 2nd time it happen, the previous incident wasnt even a year ago. According to my source, the last one was because of a car exploded at the basement car park. I have no idea what had happen because when that happened, i was already on my way walking to the train station. I heard the bells and all but please, do you think i would really take the time to care when i was so ready for home that day. By the way, i couldnt be any help also, so is better for me to leave that place ASAP so that they have less one person to worry about. Help them for easier crowd control.

Anyway, get back to today's fire incident. I was working as usual in the student service, having my eye stuck to the laptop doing some data entry. Having some stupid, crappy conversation with chai kim pong and kaven, haha, funny people. Then suddenly, miss stephanie was talking to ivan while walking into the room. 'eh, this kind of thing i dont joke wan la.' ' Leave the place everyone, got fire.'. Then everyone was like 'huh, wat? really r? oh ok ok.....etc'. kaven told kimpong to help Miss set li with some important documents. We all quickly emptied the building but strangely, we were all very calm and collected. There was no one running for there lifes or shouting like a mad dog. Is like we were all trained for a fire drill before.

When i went out, there were droplets of water in the air. So i thought it was raining and said 'eh,raining la' until kimpong point towards the water fountain. I was like' cheh ' it was actually the wind that blows the droplets towards my direction. I was searching for the fire source and it was actually A4 level 8. According to someone, it was because the A/C compressor was producing sparks and coincidentally there were papers near them. Thus, the cause of the fire. When i look up, there were black and white smokes escaping from the vent. When i look at eye level, i saw many people is trying to take pictures for the Star newspaper, some of the with their huge, bulky camera and many with mobile. When i look down, i saw my sister's heels on my legs standing on the ground. ok, looking down got nothing to do with the fire, is just to add a sentence.hahaha.

After a while, firefighters finally came. Wah... firefighters and not fireman. hahaha, stop crapping JQ. Somebody around me was like shouting and clapping trying to make everyone do that too but too bad, it didnt work, he was lame. After that you can just fill your creative minds with you own imagination, i was just too bored to watch the whole incident. There were no those really heroic rescue or fire people have to use the long ladder to climb and shot water. Even before the fire really cleared, those whom are not in the A blocks can go back to their respective activity or what so ever. I went into the office and continued my work and the rest of the day.

Sleepy la.... nights everyone.