Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So hot!

Just look at them....

Help me......
They are HOT! red chili pepper's hot!
Vin Diesel and Chris Daughtry.
One is an actor another is a singer, ma ma mia, how can i resist!
Omgosh, my choice of guys are like super different, i'm into bald headed with hunky body.
Just look at them, they both have this similarity.
I first started to take noticed of Vin diesel was during a movie 'Babylon' with my siblings. Of course for Chris daughtry was his first song 'over you'.
Crap, just by looking at them, i can feel my body melting or turned into gummy bears.
They are even hotter than my IT lecturer, or better, even hotter than the weather in Malaysia!
Summer is the most beautiful time of the year, too bad it doesn't apply to Malaysia or it would be beautiful almost the whole year.
Honestly, Malaysia is not that bad other than the weather, politicians, corruptions, one-sided media, slightly discrimination, bad Malaysian timing, and etc. You know, if you just put that all the negativesssssssssssss aside, you could ALMOST see how wonderful is Malaysia. You really just have to dig deep and search really hard to actually realise it. Don't worry, it took me sometime too.
'ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open to you.' Matthew 7:7

Have you heard of Malaysia Truly Asia? Definitely most of you had watch the advertisement, pretty awesome right. So much beauty in Malaysia that we never take the time to care just because we are living in Malaysia. We all thought that by living here, we have seen it all. That is where all of us are wrong, there is more to Malaysia than just the heavy, hectic traffic all the time. I am thankful that my parent had brought the family to see some of the hot-spots of Malaysia although I was to young to remember or understand. Have you been on The Eye of Malaysia? Yes, it is the stupid big Ferris wheel in KL. I went there once with my elder brother, he was nice enough to bring me there though as an exchange I had to be his camera-girl. I still can remember the experience, it was hilarious. I remember watching a beautiful 'water video' (is actually instead of a white screen behind, the projector was shooting onto a water fountain that shaped like a sea shell or fan). I remember waiting in a long queue. The funny part was when we were on the ferris, it was freaking warm, didn't know that we could switch on the stupid A/C when it goes off. None of us were daring enough to touch any switch even the other family that we were sharing the ferris with, scared that we might cause a blackout or something then we all can't get down. Wahahaha.... Anyway, the whole warm-in-ferris ended when my brother decided to just push one of the buttons above our heads, it was getting to stuffy in there.

It might be just a big ferris wheel to us but it is a way to increase tourist spot. The more tourist spot you have, the more tourist you could attract. Besides, that place is around Titiwangsa area, known for the beautiful park and lake. It would be the perfect dating environment filled with greens and beautiful sculpture. It doesn't matter whether you are on the ferris or around the ferris or hate the ferris, the point is to experience and to support Malaysia's Tourism Ministry. Why? Because we are Malaysians, we have to do our part to ensure that there will be still be income for this country. Or you could say that this to increase the chances for us to get a European boyfriend/girlfriend! Wahahahahaha, just joking, scrap that sentence. Sorry, Valentine's syndrome.

Whatever the reason is and no matter what, when your born here, there's always something, somewhere in that little heart of yours to feel attached to Malaysia. The song 'Malaysia, oh Tanah AirKu' is pretty overwhelming. We should really appreciate Malaysia, the land of multi culture and races. Which country doesn't have inner problems and conflicts, it is all covered up by them just to ensure that their country name is still on top of the list. Most people that are living in a country known for wars and constantly being attack would be grateful and thankful to live in Malaysia because we are considered as one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

Are you willing to die for Malaysia? Maybe death is to big of a word for us. We all believe that we are not done with our life yet, there are just so many things that we haven't do yet. What is worst that we take busyness as an excuse. Can't blame us, we are all humans that need to earn a living especially during economic crisis. Many are losing their job and is not easy to find one. Though, God works in miracles ways, just believe and pray. Who knows, at the appointed time, things might go your way.

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