Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rosette Coutures original

These are RC 1st original shirt design specially for valentine's day. Just go check it out, i have the link. Its Rm30 per shirt. I'm getting one myself too. It is limited edition, it sells fast.
I'll be doing a review on Bride wars soon cause i just disagree on what Aisha have to say about the movie. She didnt really think that it was a good movie. She said that it was like giving an impression of women being more obsess on the wedding than the marriage. Getting married is suppose to be once in your lifetime only, so it is normal for women to freak out of wanting a perfect wedding. Just FYI, i'm not trying to go against aisha, is just my opinion and she has her on point of view too. So, i'll review it on my side of opinion some other time. I'm having a pack schedule these days.

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