Saturday, February 28, 2009

Orientation night.

ROCKS!! I cant wait for the next wan. I love the open dance floor. I didnt really want to go at 1st but Serene, heidi, tasha, cecilia they all performing. Some more zhao wern and laura in belly dancing. Go to support them! haha, ended up i really did enjoyed myself. I dont go clubbing and i dont want to go clubbing, so this is the best dance floor i could get, make full use out of it. It was awesome! Was dancing with the France group of ppl, then, serene (diploma) they all, and justin and laura their gang. This Zheng yang was busy taking picture, shy shy, hahaha, pull him in. Moved a little but go back to taking pictures. That good christian boy. Just because we join them dancing on the dance floor doesnt makes us bad christian. Dancing is a really good way to sweat and increase you stamina. It's fun and the same time. Sometimes you just need to know when to behave and when relax.

I know i got prayer meeting but i've been faithfully going for prayers and meetings and cells. I went for orientation night was because my last orientation, i skipped and was attending cell. So this time was because i had friends performing, so why not.

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samanthacje said...

wooot! Didnt call me! Me and my friends were at 7th floor playing pool! Hahaha