Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In dilemma.

So the dilemma, i'm stuck choosing between two........guys???

hahaha, no la, not so desperate! Not desperate at all.

I'm having a hard time choosing between two of my elective courses for my upcoming 3rd semester. Introduction to statistics or the principal of economics.

My dad kind of side econs but counselor kind of side stats, they both have their point that were very reasonable. Sometimes it make me think, why cant they just make it compulsary for both so i dont need to choose and i can study both. Good what, i can learn more things.

ok, i better run now cause my classmates will kill me for saying to make it compulsory for both, hahaha. I think they will say 'JQ, u crazy r! can study less dun wan'.

Honestly, i don't know why am i asking for more subjects, i am not that hardworking. I used to complained that we dont need to study history in secondary school and make it an elective subject or just take it off from the system would be even better. I guess when it comes to something that interest you, you will naturally have the momentum of wanting to learn more. Is either that or i'm just hyped up because it's holidays for me.Hah!

Actually no joke guys, for those who are going into college soon, please please please make sure that you guys pick the right courses. It must come from your heart and of what you really what. It must be you interest or else is just a waste of time. Do something with understanding, dont just do it just because is assignment or something.

If you really dont know what to do yet, just go form 6 or something that has wide range for you to choose in the future.

I've seen so many things while i was working, many cases of not getting good results in A levels and ended up need to spent another 1 year of foundation for the course that they want to do. Waste your one year A level. A level is not easy and is not cheap either.

That is why to know your purpose in life is very important. To have a goal to achieve and to have a dream to chase is something that every individual should have. Go with the flow but at the same time be a dream catcher. Living life expecting something will come to you is just stupid, you are not always that lucky.

Is the same case of when you are new in a certain environment, dont expect people to come to you for a conversation but go to them and be friendly. If you keep everything to yourselves, you'll be the one ended having no friends and miserably lonely.

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