Monday, February 23, 2009

A Group of 'Ang Mo' ssss for campus tour.

Sorry I have to bore you all with my wordy post. More reading and less pictures, blame my younger brother for taking my camera. MOM & DAD, this shows how badly i need a new camera. Without my camera, i cant take pictures of cute guys for you all to approve on!! Pictures says a thousand words. hahahahahaha...

To cut the whole story short, i brought a group of Ang Mo for campus tour today. They are hospitality&tourism final year students. They had their orientation today, the ECA office last minute call up the student service department for back up, not sure who where the one suppose to bring them around. You know what, they are some serious nice people, they just say hi to anyone, crapping friendly. Just like when I went penang, I just randomly say hi to some ang mo sitting beside the road sun tanning or something, they smile and greeted me back. My point is that if it was Malaysians, they would either ignore me or give me the weird face look.

Though being Asians are slightly more on the conservative side, there is nothing wrong of being friendly. The 'ang mo' are the ones coming to a foreign country, don't you think we as part of the host of this country should show our hospitality? To show that we fully welcome them with warm, open arms? Of course, when i'm saying this, doesn't mean that we should have double standard. I believe when they come here, they want to be apart of us and to blend into this culture. So, stop sucking up on them by treating them extra, super, duper better just because they are white. Say NO to discrimination! When they come to Malaysia, treat them like a Malaysians too.

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