Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chef Robert was in Taylor's for a talk.

I know you all don't know who is that, even i also don't know who is that. He is not as famous as Chef in black but he is alright. Meet him in person, Miss Stephanie la, needs a camera girl. Hahaha, actually her camera phone is awesome!

By the way, KTM today was lousy! I sit there like orang bodoh, read finish my Cleo magazine, read finish taylor's newspaper, wait wait wait, wah, can die, 45 minutes of plain waste of time! Reach home already about 9pm. Crazy.

Miss Ririne and i was just talking about complaining letter to the people in charge about all this unsatisfactory service. We were talking about it over lunch. Wah, she very 'geng' man. Until the media also come interview her. hahahaha. What to do, she is in hospitality line.

Mom&Dad, i need a camera!
Tomorrow orientation for the degree students. See got 'leng cai' or not. Actually got lo, a few while i was recording their application form. hahahaaha. I love the place i work, nice boses, nice friends, nice super stress work, meet nice people, meet not so nice people and etc. Keeps me busy! Loving it than rotting at home!

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