Saturday, February 28, 2009

Windows Live Writer.

I’m here doing some crapping just to test out my new Windows Live Writer. Not really sure how it works but i shall play around with it and find out.

Anyway, i think i came to a point where i kind of like the show The Other Boleyn Girl. The first time i watched it, i didn’t felt anything. Then, i guess the after effect is getting to me. I kept on thinking about the show, about how good it was. The whole movie really captures the female power but at the same time keeping it down low so that it doesn’t looks like you are overpowering the King.

This movie reminds me of those Chinese drama series where there are a lots of backstabbing and betraying going on. Learn how to empower the men by letting them believe that they are in charge, that was how the female use to climb their way up. Is also the same concept where you are to tie the knot with the  people you don’t know or don’t want to.  

No offence but partly, to me i felt that it had also shows how easily men change their mind on a girl after they meet a better one. Men want what other men want. All beauty but no brain equals to childish and naive. Kindness, caring and a good heart is important, it does scores point but when you are smart, confident and daring goes way further because you keep a mystery for the man to solve. Puzzles keeps them amused because it’s challenging and excitement.

It’s heartbreaking to see good person ends last though in a long term, thank God they lived.

‘A man’s love is worthless without power and statues’

Great line but totally disagree.

Orientation night.

ROCKS!! I cant wait for the next wan. I love the open dance floor. I didnt really want to go at 1st but Serene, heidi, tasha, cecilia they all performing. Some more zhao wern and laura in belly dancing. Go to support them! haha, ended up i really did enjoyed myself. I dont go clubbing and i dont want to go clubbing, so this is the best dance floor i could get, make full use out of it. It was awesome! Was dancing with the France group of ppl, then, serene (diploma) they all, and justin and laura their gang. This Zheng yang was busy taking picture, shy shy, hahaha, pull him in. Moved a little but go back to taking pictures. That good christian boy. Just because we join them dancing on the dance floor doesnt makes us bad christian. Dancing is a really good way to sweat and increase you stamina. It's fun and the same time. Sometimes you just need to know when to behave and when relax.

I know i got prayer meeting but i've been faithfully going for prayers and meetings and cells. I went for orientation night was because my last orientation, i skipped and was attending cell. So this time was because i had friends performing, so why not.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chef Robert was in Taylor's for a talk.

I know you all don't know who is that, even i also don't know who is that. He is not as famous as Chef in black but he is alright. Meet him in person, Miss Stephanie la, needs a camera girl. Hahaha, actually her camera phone is awesome!

By the way, KTM today was lousy! I sit there like orang bodoh, read finish my Cleo magazine, read finish taylor's newspaper, wait wait wait, wah, can die, 45 minutes of plain waste of time! Reach home already about 9pm. Crazy.

Miss Ririne and i was just talking about complaining letter to the people in charge about all this unsatisfactory service. We were talking about it over lunch. Wah, she very 'geng' man. Until the media also come interview her. hahahaha. What to do, she is in hospitality line.

Mom&Dad, i need a camera!
Tomorrow orientation for the degree students. See got 'leng cai' or not. Actually got lo, a few while i was recording their application form. hahahaaha. I love the place i work, nice boses, nice friends, nice super stress work, meet nice people, meet not so nice people and etc. Keeps me busy! Loving it than rotting at home!

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Group of 'Ang Mo' ssss for campus tour.

Sorry I have to bore you all with my wordy post. More reading and less pictures, blame my younger brother for taking my camera. MOM & DAD, this shows how badly i need a new camera. Without my camera, i cant take pictures of cute guys for you all to approve on!! Pictures says a thousand words. hahahahahaha...

To cut the whole story short, i brought a group of Ang Mo for campus tour today. They are hospitality&tourism final year students. They had their orientation today, the ECA office last minute call up the student service department for back up, not sure who where the one suppose to bring them around. You know what, they are some serious nice people, they just say hi to anyone, crapping friendly. Just like when I went penang, I just randomly say hi to some ang mo sitting beside the road sun tanning or something, they smile and greeted me back. My point is that if it was Malaysians, they would either ignore me or give me the weird face look.

Though being Asians are slightly more on the conservative side, there is nothing wrong of being friendly. The 'ang mo' are the ones coming to a foreign country, don't you think we as part of the host of this country should show our hospitality? To show that we fully welcome them with warm, open arms? Of course, when i'm saying this, doesn't mean that we should have double standard. I believe when they come here, they want to be apart of us and to blend into this culture. So, stop sucking up on them by treating them extra, super, duper better just because they are white. Say NO to discrimination! When they come to Malaysia, treat them like a Malaysians too.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Here i am, once again, to announce that there will not be any post for the next 3-4 days. I'll be away. Somewhere without internet excess for me to blog. wahahaha, though it's my holiday trip but i dont think i will sleep! I'll see you all soon cause i'm actually in work now. Curi tulang for a while. No la, cause i've finished my work d. okok, Kaven here d, she want to give me work d. Bye Bye.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine day.

My day was awesome! No, i dont have a valentine's date. My agenda for for yesterday since its already 1.45am.

  • woke up at 12.30pm
  • before getting ready for prayer meeting, watch some TV, eat some beans for branch.
  • ready for prayer meeting, before pushing off, sat in the car read some AVON brochure that just came in for march.
  • at church prayer tower, had a chat with bro philip while waiting for others. Then Jasen come, over slept again. Always wan la him.
  • after prayer, went home, online for a while, manage to watch one episode of Wizard of Waverly place on youtube before going out with my mom to the salon.
  • my hair had a trim, some serious trim, and they blow it till like really straight for me, so it looks nice for now until i next wash my hair.
  • wanted to do some extensions again but darn, they out of stock, my mom super happy.
  • go makan with my BF a.k.a MOM just around chi liung.
  • Went back continued with my youtube Wizofwaverlyplace. FYI, i've finished 34 episodes from the 22th episodes. All that i haven't watch before. By the way, also i've finished watching The Suite life on deck on Youtube. OMGosh, its awesome. I think next will be Hannah Montana. Who say i'm not making full use of my time?
  • Then bored bored d, watched romeo and juliet. Crap wei, i dont understand a single word that movie is saying. All in poetic sentence. I know is a nice movie but i totally kept on skipping and skipping and skipping until THE END! I was like 'man,finally it's over' I considered it watched finished even though i don't know what is the plot. Wahahhaa.
  • then bored bored somemore, finally took the guts to watch 'SAW' episode 2. I've been wanting to watch finish the 2nd,3rd and 4th but no one teman. At least the 1st and last one got my brother with me. Though i'm scared but i want to watch cause to me, it had a really powerful message behind the story. It had made me appreciates life more,better and the people around me.
  • now, cannot sleep cause bulu roma naik d. The after effect of 'SAW'. Awesome movie man.

By the way, Friday i went with the girls, Serene(diploma), cecilia and tasha to watch the guy's football match. Heidy and Shane was in the game. Met some cute guys. wahahahahaha. Took some pictures with serene's awesome camera. wahahahaha. I dont have the pictures yet but i'll try get it from her. And also forgot, Ishmeal was there too but he is playing with other team that wasnt playing that day. The whole bunch of football players and us go mamak after that. They are some serious jokers wei. Funny like mad. Was really great to meet new people.

Then, after dinner, heidy drove all the way to klang just to send me back. They(including Ishmeal, Tasha, Cecilia) were all so nice don't want me to take train back alone. They came to my house at around 10pm and chatted for 2 hours+. Around 12.30am only they went home. Bathed then bed.

--------end of story---------

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So hot!

Just look at them....

Help me......
They are HOT! red chili pepper's hot!
Vin Diesel and Chris Daughtry.
One is an actor another is a singer, ma ma mia, how can i resist!
Omgosh, my choice of guys are like super different, i'm into bald headed with hunky body.
Just look at them, they both have this similarity.
I first started to take noticed of Vin diesel was during a movie 'Babylon' with my siblings. Of course for Chris daughtry was his first song 'over you'.
Crap, just by looking at them, i can feel my body melting or turned into gummy bears.
They are even hotter than my IT lecturer, or better, even hotter than the weather in Malaysia!
Summer is the most beautiful time of the year, too bad it doesn't apply to Malaysia or it would be beautiful almost the whole year.
Honestly, Malaysia is not that bad other than the weather, politicians, corruptions, one-sided media, slightly discrimination, bad Malaysian timing, and etc. You know, if you just put that all the negativesssssssssssss aside, you could ALMOST see how wonderful is Malaysia. You really just have to dig deep and search really hard to actually realise it. Don't worry, it took me sometime too.
'ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open to you.' Matthew 7:7

Have you heard of Malaysia Truly Asia? Definitely most of you had watch the advertisement, pretty awesome right. So much beauty in Malaysia that we never take the time to care just because we are living in Malaysia. We all thought that by living here, we have seen it all. That is where all of us are wrong, there is more to Malaysia than just the heavy, hectic traffic all the time. I am thankful that my parent had brought the family to see some of the hot-spots of Malaysia although I was to young to remember or understand. Have you been on The Eye of Malaysia? Yes, it is the stupid big Ferris wheel in KL. I went there once with my elder brother, he was nice enough to bring me there though as an exchange I had to be his camera-girl. I still can remember the experience, it was hilarious. I remember watching a beautiful 'water video' (is actually instead of a white screen behind, the projector was shooting onto a water fountain that shaped like a sea shell or fan). I remember waiting in a long queue. The funny part was when we were on the ferris, it was freaking warm, didn't know that we could switch on the stupid A/C when it goes off. None of us were daring enough to touch any switch even the other family that we were sharing the ferris with, scared that we might cause a blackout or something then we all can't get down. Wahahaha.... Anyway, the whole warm-in-ferris ended when my brother decided to just push one of the buttons above our heads, it was getting to stuffy in there.

It might be just a big ferris wheel to us but it is a way to increase tourist spot. The more tourist spot you have, the more tourist you could attract. Besides, that place is around Titiwangsa area, known for the beautiful park and lake. It would be the perfect dating environment filled with greens and beautiful sculpture. It doesn't matter whether you are on the ferris or around the ferris or hate the ferris, the point is to experience and to support Malaysia's Tourism Ministry. Why? Because we are Malaysians, we have to do our part to ensure that there will be still be income for this country. Or you could say that this to increase the chances for us to get a European boyfriend/girlfriend! Wahahahahaha, just joking, scrap that sentence. Sorry, Valentine's syndrome.

Whatever the reason is and no matter what, when your born here, there's always something, somewhere in that little heart of yours to feel attached to Malaysia. The song 'Malaysia, oh Tanah AirKu' is pretty overwhelming. We should really appreciate Malaysia, the land of multi culture and races. Which country doesn't have inner problems and conflicts, it is all covered up by them just to ensure that their country name is still on top of the list. Most people that are living in a country known for wars and constantly being attack would be grateful and thankful to live in Malaysia because we are considered as one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

Are you willing to die for Malaysia? Maybe death is to big of a word for us. We all believe that we are not done with our life yet, there are just so many things that we haven't do yet. What is worst that we take busyness as an excuse. Can't blame us, we are all humans that need to earn a living especially during economic crisis. Many are losing their job and is not easy to find one. Though, God works in miracles ways, just believe and pray. Who knows, at the appointed time, things might go your way.

Check out this article by Star,

Monday, February 9, 2009

Singapore Movies, I love Jack Neo's Production!

This is him, Director Jack Neo.

Just recently I've realise that most of the meaningful and crapping funny Singaporean movies are all directed by Jack Neo. Besides directing, he was also an actor. He is just awesome!
*all credits by yahoo movies*

His movies really makes me emotional and stung the back of my eyes most of the time. It had taught me to love my family more as to know that life is short and anything could happen in a blink of an eye. Many valuable lessons could be learned through his movies and at the same time releases endorphins that makes you happy. Though alot of his animations looked really fake, not sure if it is intentionally done but i'm alright with it. Most of the time i would like' haha, so fake' That's all. It doesn't really spoil the whole movie.

Bride Wars review

Bride Wars was about 2 women dreams to have a perfect wedding in the of June at the Plaza Hotel. They were best friends since forever until a few months before their big day. They both were suppose to be married on the same month but on a different date. It only became a war when they found out that an error occurred and both their wedding dates are now on the same day. Their friendship had been put to the test.

When it comes to weddings, every girl wants it to be perfect because it is the most important day of their life. Nobody wants to look back and say 'Man, i had a bad wedding, i wish i could turn back the time'. Nobody wants to regret on not having an awesome wedding. So, i wouldn't say that bride wars sells the idea of women are more engrossed in the wedding than the marriage. This is definitely a hidden statement that is not what the director is trying to portray.

This is a movie about friendship, loyalty and happiness. I wouldn't say that Sex and the City is trying to tell the world to have more sex. What they want the viewer to see is a deeper meaning of female bonding and how girlfriends are forever in a female's life. Watch between the pixels! No no, it sounded so wrong, wahahaha, it is so not reading between the lines.

Anyway, I'm not here to judge other people's view of this movie. Different people have different way of seeing things. Is just like i dislike Lord of the rings cause i felt it boring but others don't. It is just my point of view, don't take it to harsh.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rosette Coutures original

These are RC 1st original shirt design specially for valentine's day. Just go check it out, i have the link. Its Rm30 per shirt. I'm getting one myself too. It is limited edition, it sells fast.
I'll be doing a review on Bride wars soon cause i just disagree on what Aisha have to say about the movie. She didnt really think that it was a good movie. She said that it was like giving an impression of women being more obsess on the wedding than the marriage. Getting married is suppose to be once in your lifetime only, so it is normal for women to freak out of wanting a perfect wedding. Just FYI, i'm not trying to go against aisha, is just my opinion and she has her on point of view too. So, i'll review it on my side of opinion some other time. I'm having a pack schedule these days.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


suppose to do the tag by NICOLE but i'm just freaking lazy now and no mood to do.

so sorry nicole, there is just alot going on.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Taylors was on FIRE!

Ok, i might have exaggerate the situation with my post title. Yes, my campus, Taylors PJ was on fire AGAIN. This is this the 2nd time it happen, the previous incident wasnt even a year ago. According to my source, the last one was because of a car exploded at the basement car park. I have no idea what had happen because when that happened, i was already on my way walking to the train station. I heard the bells and all but please, do you think i would really take the time to care when i was so ready for home that day. By the way, i couldnt be any help also, so is better for me to leave that place ASAP so that they have less one person to worry about. Help them for easier crowd control.

Anyway, get back to today's fire incident. I was working as usual in the student service, having my eye stuck to the laptop doing some data entry. Having some stupid, crappy conversation with chai kim pong and kaven, haha, funny people. Then suddenly, miss stephanie was talking to ivan while walking into the room. 'eh, this kind of thing i dont joke wan la.' ' Leave the place everyone, got fire.'. Then everyone was like 'huh, wat? really r? oh ok ok.....etc'. kaven told kimpong to help Miss set li with some important documents. We all quickly emptied the building but strangely, we were all very calm and collected. There was no one running for there lifes or shouting like a mad dog. Is like we were all trained for a fire drill before.

When i went out, there were droplets of water in the air. So i thought it was raining and said 'eh,raining la' until kimpong point towards the water fountain. I was like' cheh ' it was actually the wind that blows the droplets towards my direction. I was searching for the fire source and it was actually A4 level 8. According to someone, it was because the A/C compressor was producing sparks and coincidentally there were papers near them. Thus, the cause of the fire. When i look up, there were black and white smokes escaping from the vent. When i look at eye level, i saw many people is trying to take pictures for the Star newspaper, some of the with their huge, bulky camera and many with mobile. When i look down, i saw my sister's heels on my legs standing on the ground. ok, looking down got nothing to do with the fire, is just to add a sentence.hahaha.

After a while, firefighters finally came. Wah... firefighters and not fireman. hahaha, stop crapping JQ. Somebody around me was like shouting and clapping trying to make everyone do that too but too bad, it didnt work, he was lame. After that you can just fill your creative minds with you own imagination, i was just too bored to watch the whole incident. There were no those really heroic rescue or fire people have to use the long ladder to climb and shot water. Even before the fire really cleared, those whom are not in the A blocks can go back to their respective activity or what so ever. I went into the office and continued my work and the rest of the day.

Sleepy la.... nights everyone.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In dilemma.

So the dilemma, i'm stuck choosing between two........guys???

hahaha, no la, not so desperate! Not desperate at all.

I'm having a hard time choosing between two of my elective courses for my upcoming 3rd semester. Introduction to statistics or the principal of economics.

My dad kind of side econs but counselor kind of side stats, they both have their point that were very reasonable. Sometimes it make me think, why cant they just make it compulsary for both so i dont need to choose and i can study both. Good what, i can learn more things.

ok, i better run now cause my classmates will kill me for saying to make it compulsory for both, hahaha. I think they will say 'JQ, u crazy r! can study less dun wan'.

Honestly, i don't know why am i asking for more subjects, i am not that hardworking. I used to complained that we dont need to study history in secondary school and make it an elective subject or just take it off from the system would be even better. I guess when it comes to something that interest you, you will naturally have the momentum of wanting to learn more. Is either that or i'm just hyped up because it's holidays for me.Hah!

Actually no joke guys, for those who are going into college soon, please please please make sure that you guys pick the right courses. It must come from your heart and of what you really what. It must be you interest or else is just a waste of time. Do something with understanding, dont just do it just because is assignment or something.

If you really dont know what to do yet, just go form 6 or something that has wide range for you to choose in the future.

I've seen so many things while i was working, many cases of not getting good results in A levels and ended up need to spent another 1 year of foundation for the course that they want to do. Waste your one year A level. A level is not easy and is not cheap either.

That is why to know your purpose in life is very important. To have a goal to achieve and to have a dream to chase is something that every individual should have. Go with the flow but at the same time be a dream catcher. Living life expecting something will come to you is just stupid, you are not always that lucky.

Is the same case of when you are new in a certain environment, dont expect people to come to you for a conversation but go to them and be friendly. If you keep everything to yourselves, you'll be the one ended having no friends and miserably lonely.