Monday, January 26, 2009

Truman show

I’ve just finished watching ‘The Truman Show’. I would say that I was really impressed by the content of the story. It was a mixture of comedy and heartbreaking scenes. It wasn’t like any other stories that were common these days, there were nothing about war or romance. It was just about a man’s life to be viewed worldwide and it came to a point where he realize that the world he lived in ever since he was born wasn’t real. He thought that he was just like anybody else living in a normal live while in actual fact he was living on a Hollywood set that was made real to be a beautiful island. His life was actually the focus of a reality television show called ‘The Truman Show’ where audiences watching his life were increasing day by day, he became the most popular man on earth without him even knowing it. Poor Truman doesn’t have any real friends and family because all of them were actors, even the bus driver and the boatman doesn’t know how to drive them. The sun, moon, stars and rain were all perfectly made, beautiful at the same time breath taking.

Why would people love watching him? Why is his show so interesting? It is because the reality TV that they produce was truly a reality TV, It wasn’t a drama with script. Ok wait, I was wrong. Everything was fake and script except Truman himself. It was interesting to watch other people’s life and to see what is their reaction in a certain situation. Honestly, let’s just say we are all busybodies! We so called ‘want to care’; I mean just admit it that it’s GOSSIP! Pure Gossip! We all have the desire and the curiosity to know what is next but have you ever wonder that if everything was known, there will be no more mystery and surprises. There will be nothing for you to be adventurous about, nothing to explore and nothing for us to appreciate more. When things come easily, you will always pass by and pay less attention because you know that they will always be there. You always assume that there will be another time to express your appreciation but life is unfair, you might lose it before you know it.

Truman would rather have real life than living in one that is unreal because you will never know who is you true friend, they might be just acting. Ask yourself, would you rather be hurt and experience true friendship, hardship and love? Or would you rather sacrifice your privacy and live in a life where everything is ‘perfect’?

Yes, we all complain about almost anything but we should start appreciating what we have and to accept for the reasons things happened. When the time comes, we should also stand up for what we believe in and fight for what is right peacefully without arms. Don’t stereotype or be bias, trying looking at it in a different perspective. It might be more than you have expected, give yourself time to think twice before rushing but at the same time just flow with it. Have a little faith in people and care, not everything revolves around you. There are still many living with you.

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