Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Tech!!

As usual i was at my college having classes, i dragged myself up this morning just to finish up my last few days of classes. I'll be having my finals next week, which is pretty cool cause i cant wait to get my 7 weeks holidays. Though its holiday, i'll be working most of the time.

Anyway, so happen AMK Goldnet company that sells all these computing-electronic products is having a clearance at the courtyard. So the things are pretty cheap. Of course the brand is not so famous la. People like don't really care about brand, is more of the price and whether can use or not.

I think this AMK Goldnet only have one store in LCS, i mean as in they dont have other branch elsewhere.

I ended up buying an MP4 for my brother. He was complaining that my MP4 was lousy, my old MP4 was a gift from my sister. She bought it for around 200++, 2GB.

This new one is call QUBE, i think is some china brand. It also 2GB but it's only for RM79. They only have white. I almost wanted to buy a Mickey mouse shape MP3 but i thought 'aiya, not for me. Haihz...' The mickey mouse MP3 is only RM69, they got silver and red.

Look at that!! Got E-book!!
And i also bought something for myself. I've always wanted a big earphone with microphone but i was reluctant to buy everytime when i saw it elsewhere even with my parents paying because the price is so not worth buying. So when i check this out, its was only RM18! So far is only the volume part causing me problem but i'm okay with it.

There are other product also like mouse, pendrive, card reader and etc.
Its quite cheap, i think they have some really cute mouse that is only RM 10!
Clearance is only for today and tomorrow!

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