Friday, January 2, 2009

Marche at The Curve

I got these pictures from google cause as i said i didnt have my camera with me that day. Huge mistake, should have my camera with me.
Marche is like a market restaurant, all A La Carte food and drinks. They have all kinds of food from beef, lamb, all the way down to chicken. All kinds of drink, fresh juices, weird juices, beers, you name it. By the way, they also have bottomless soft drinks but the twist is that it cost Rm6.50. Hahaha... The funny thing is that i only refilled twice which is = 3 cups, also = only Rm 4.50( if considering Rm1.50per cup). See how smart they make business!!
They have a few different dining stations, all with they own unique style and design. Each person will have a so called "passport" to use, is just a piece of paper for the worker to write on when you order your food. For the cashier to keep track on what have you eaten or drank. You will have to present you "passport" upon paying.
Not so nice part is that is all self service, you got to walk for your food. Definately not fine dining type. Lazy people, this is not a place for you. Food is not that bad, there were new things for me to try. Which is quite cool. Price is expensive but for once in a blue moon is alright. Of course, it is a place where you will want to bring your parents so they could pay for the food. Though, the funniest part is that when my brother and i walk around and check the food out, we didnt dare to order anything cause of the price. Hahaha, it ended up that my mom had to order the food for us.
Overall, Ok... so so.... alright.... not bad....

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