Friday, January 16, 2009

Last day of class!

Today is the last day of class of my 2nd semester. I'll be having my finals exam next week which i'm so not ready. I lost focus during my listening test today. I'm dead. Anyway, here is some pictures.

Christine and Michelle at the train station.

Carl, another student helper of Kevan. Taiwanese, studying Computing.
He is leaving for Australia soon, today last day of work.
So sad!!
Chai Kim Pong, hahaha, he was super quiet when he started working.
After we the comm students work, he learn how to talk!
He can talk d, no more quiet guy. hahaha.

Kevan, me boss.
Very nice person, very sociable, nobody believes she's an Comp Science student.

Andrew, hahaha, sorry, he wasnt ready but serene lah, sengaja press the button.
Funny guy. Kutuk serene like mad.

Miss May, Camera shy.

Miss Set Li, Bigger boss.
Very pretty lady.
hardly talk to her but she is nice.
In the library,after so long,finally a picture of the library again.
Not studying, just wasting time. Waiting for 12pm, listening test.

serene and izzuddin.

This crappy aaron.

Couple up, Imran and Michelle.

Christine the amplifier.
Telephone di tahan polis.

ID College, semua di tahan sebab buat bising is Library!


Hyperactive ppl !

Crystalbelle. dont be deceive by her looks! hahaha...

(left-right) Rhea, me, Grace.

(left-right) Kai chin,yvonne,qer xin. Hardworking geng!

Miss azizah. ECS 2 lecturer.

me and serene.

Group photo, boss and helper. Zhao wern and qer xin is not there.
Look at my stupid eye. bodoh....

This is carl, cute right. Too bad, he is going away d!
he is zhao wern and serenes' cutey.
Joanne and i think he is so-so la..
bUt he very nice guy, very presentable.
Last shot of the day, in the train on the way back.
we went guardian and McD after that. I bought 2 new lip balm. I'll review later. Now waiting for Esther to go cell in Hwai Tah house. Joining YAF Tonight.

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