Friday, January 30, 2009

i'm still awake.

woke up at 3pm + a cup of coffee after dinner = Cant sleep for the rest of the night

I want to sleep!
I know, i'm surprise myself too.
Usually i would pray for more time by sacrificing my sleep to complete all my work.
Now, when is holiday for me, my time turns even more upside down.

I've been thinking (the effect of too much free time), since i'm soon going into my 3rd and final semester for my foundation, it's time for me to really pray hard for full scholarship for my degree. I just really hope i could somehow be noticed by some 'mass communication related-job' company and would offer me a full scholarship, maybe a year to UNISA would be a bonus.

I've also been thinking (same reason), i really want to write more with more precise and accurate language. I also want to use more bombastic words with deeper meanings. I somehow all of the sudden wants to improve my english language. I dont seems to be able to catch inspiration. I dont have alot of my own ideas, i'm not a mastermind for anything. I need to be creative and innovative. i want to know more, i want to be in fashion industry, i want to be in entertaiment industry. Crap, this is like becoming my resolutions, hahaha.

I love the media, i love the technology. I want to learn more things about them. I want to learn to be a radio DJ, to be an emcee on TV, to be a singer,dancer and actress. Omgosh, i cant stop pouring out my dreams and wishes. I need to find a way to make it come true. Okay, maybe after my studiest.

For now, i'm enjoying life with a loving family and awesome friends around me. I have just enough of everything, i'm blessed much by God.
This is the type of post you get when you have to much to time in hand, you'll ended up posting crap about your life.

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