Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Future of Malaysian Media

This is a BIG question that many concerned citizen have been asking lately. This question became even obvious after the big time electoral victory by the Opposition party which happened just last year causes many mainstream media readers to turn for other alternatives in news. Readers found that traditional mainstream news are longer providing them the facts and truth in their articles anymore. The root of this possibility is that Malaysia mainstream media is owned by political parties that runs the government. Thus, this causes biases-ness during reporting a certain issue.

Thankfully for those alternatives media that had stood up from the rest to achieve press freedom and transparency in the world of news reporting had given us hope towards the issues of trust from the readers to the printing companies or the journalists. For example, Malayiankini became the most read news website and the most popular Malaysian website because of it’s incisive articles, intellectually challenging letters and a fair measure of investigative reporting that the people to be a fan of this independent media company. I believe if each of us as a Malaysian citizen cares about the country well being, all of us would definitely wants to know what is really going on in our country. We, as citizens have the right to know the truth about our country and as a democratic country, there should be a communication line between the government and the citizens. This is to ensure a check-and-balance is done to avoid corruption to emerge. An example of the particular issue was during our former Tun Dr Mahathir years of Prime Minister, Malaysia was known as one of the corrupted country in the world due to the media whitewashing all the wrong doings of the ministers. Besides that, Tun Dr Mahathir was also eliminating competitor that might have been a pest to his position as Prime Minister. Those people whom was going against him was the one wanted a change in Malaysia because Tun Dr Mahathir was slowly becoming a dictator running the country to his own liking, he was practically ruling by law.

Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi, our current Prime Minister realize what damage had Tun Dr Mahathir had done to Malaysia and he had change Malaysian Media by providing media transparency and freedom of speech in news reporting. I respected Badawi on allowing the press to have more saying and allowing citizen to finally able to be apart of this democratic country. Though, what I can’t believe was how Malaysians use this opportunity without self control and sensitivity. Many political party starts attacking other parties verbally and trying to bring the others down by humiliating them just to get the votes of the people. If this is what going to happen when a little freedom is given to them, what more do you think that it might happen when total freedom is given to the media? Total chaos is the word that I will refer to. The future of Malaysia may no longer be a peaceful and a safe for us to live in anymore. Why? Because the media is ripping people apart and healthy backstabbing within the country will not be impose by the citizens.

‘Journalists in Malaysia know that without journalism, a free society cannot truly exist. Power obsessed politicians know that too and that is why they have tried so often to suppress the media. To know that these politicians have not fully succeeded should give us hope.’ This sentence was said by the Committee to Protect Journalism. This means that we can’t live without journalism because only with their existence, we are able to have a democratic country. For us to know that these politicians have not succeeded yet is a sign of hope for a better future.

Blogging had become a phenomenon in this era. To my opinion, some of the homebrew articles and views are much better than the professionals. In the future, the vanity page may just slowly dies off and people will start worshipping the world of blog. The future of media may even lies in portals and no longer the old method of physical newspapers. Literate people are increasing even more daily and the world of media is moving at a fast pace. To be internationally known, Malaysia will also have to go with the pace of the world. Malaysians have to start thinking out of the box and look into the future. Malaysia today is what Malaysia tomorrow will be. We’ll never know how the past will impact our country’s future.

Miss Natasha wanted us to post our essay.

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