Saturday, January 24, 2009

Full day outing

10.30am - Went over to Mentari and meet Tasha. Heidy fetch us up from there.
11am - Pyramid meet up with Serene and Shane.
11.20am - movie, Underworld 3.

Lunch in Carl's Junior, talk talk talk, man lots of news(gossip)!! hahahaha. Cant stop laughing!
They are just so funny people at a different degree. hahaha.
Played some racing car game, dunno how many crapping round. i always end up last, the only time i won was because they where all busy banging each other while i just happily drive thru! This show fighting doesn't solves problem. hahahaha.. Though, they were all awesome drivers, can really speed!

We are all gonna meet up again on Wednesday to watch underworld 1&2 and they force me to watch Transformers.

Japanese ice cream.

Tasha & Heidy

Ice Cream

Shane & Serene

Tasha & Heidy

Shane, Tasha, Heidy & Me

Serene, Shane, Tasha & Heidy
Primary School Reunion
-Station 1-
Honestly, i dun remember anyone at all. I'm so blur all the time. Nice to all of them again, after 7Years!


Group Picture!
the end. Tired like mad, now watching tuxedo with my brother on TV. Nites ppl!

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christine said...

the world is so small.... u also knew matthew and lei ying.... they were my schoolmates... i bet they dunno i knew u... :)