Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dear Diary, the day on Christmas eve.........


24th December 2008

It was my last day of 2nd semester mid term exam. I know, how sad, is bad enough that we still have December classes but they still torturing us with exams on Christmas Eve. Anyway, i was so glad that it was over, it was IT paper. FYI, i screwed that paper. Oh yeah, and that day i also just found out that my IT lecturer is married. Hahahahaha..... I was crapping shocked!!

I went for a tutorial class and then had lunch with my boss, Kevan and the rest of my friends. Kevan cooked chicken which was awesome! She's just a really cool person that could multitask so many things and still be cheerful and happy all the time.

Then, my brother and mom came fetch me from college for a family day out. We went for this warehouse clearance, BUM and some other brands which i don't really know. I was really excited at first but i guess it didnt turn out as what i've expected. Maybe it was just that most of the clothes there wasnt what i was looking for and some of the things that i like didnt have my size.

I got my new 2009 planner from my mom's friend's insurance company or something. I love it so much! It's slightly big i would say but i still love it cause it looks professional! Hahaha...

I've been begging my mom to bring me to Ikea/Ikano for ages but never seems to have the right time. Finally, that day i went with them. I finally stepped in Ikea for the first time of my life. Love that place, there is just so many cool, pretty showrooms. I was kind of looking for a small foldable table to put my laptop cause i was complaining that my study table is too freaking small for me to do my research/ assignments/ youth stuffs/ ......................(fill in the blanks yourself cause i've just got so many things to do). I didnt found any suitable table though. I almost wanted to get this huge cosmetics cupboard with all the cool drawers but my mom said that it doesnt have anything to close it and she knows that i'm the type that will in the end make it look messy. That one point i have to agree.

Then, we went over or The Curve, which is another place that i havent been too before in my life. Now you know how Kolot am i. On Christmas eve, it was beautiful. So sad that i didnt bring my camera along. Aiyoyo.... Anyway, we walked around and almost wanted to have dinner at BubbaGump Restaurant but was fully booked and didnt have A La Carte. By the way, because it's Christmas eve, most of the Restaurants only have set meals. We ended up in MARCHE. Funny thing was that i thought it was pronounce as march or something, in actual fact it was pronounce as mar-shey. The food was seriously expensive but it was a good experience. It was a whole different way of how you have your dinner/lunch or whatever. I really want to explain in detail but it will take a super long time. I'll do a review some other days la.

OMGosh, i'm still not finish with my Christmas eve outing!!

After that, we walk somemore and ended up eating somemore. hahaha, my mom la. So we tucked in at a Thai restaurant. We ate tomyam, nenas rice, cuppucino and one of my favourite dessert, Tub Tim Crob! Its basically coconut milk and some other things that i dun really know, its good, should try it out.

Ok, i'm almost done........ Finally, we went home.....

Hahaha, i got so many other events and reviews. I'll do it other time..... See ya all soon! Love ya!

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