Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Caring Pharmacy sent an apology email.

I've just opened my gmail and too my surprise, i've received an email from the person in charge of Caring Pharmacy Aeon Bukit Tinggi. It was an apology email that refers to one of my post last year 22nd December. You could check it out.

At first I thought, 'oh no, what crap had i done? Will i be detained under ISA for this??' hahaha, i mean as a media student, especially during Malaysia Media History class, we kept on talking about people being caught for blogging about some things that they think is going against the government or something.

Anyway, that was before i opened the mail. After reading the whole thing then only i saw the picture.

I just want to say that i really appreciate what they had done and took the time to sent me this email. This is not something thing that many Malaysian store would do.

Then it came to my senses that 'OMGosh, this is what i have just learnt in IT class that day'. Basically, anyone in the world could read your blog, just goggle! This is what technology had brought us.

I think there should be more companies like them, to do some goggling on their on store just to check out what is really happening in the real world other than relying on the monthly reports or something.

Anyway, just want to say thank you for your email again(if your are reading this).

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