Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bling-a-'thang' and Avril.L pink hair

2nd semester finally ended. I was looking forward for this day to come. I still remember hugging those girls after IT exam today, they were all going back to their hometown until the next semester. I'll be missing them so much! If you actually get to hang out with them, they are all actually frecking funny in their on way. They look very quiet only. We make the most noise foundation class. I thank God that i have all of them as my classmates. I love this class!
I want to bling my Phone but i dun wan spoil it, so i wont pimp it but i will pimp my MP4.
I want to dye my hair pink like Avril.L but parents dont let, so i wont but i'll buy extensions.
I cant wait for results, i so want to know my results. Hopefully i din do that badly.

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